Some people look to the stars to find their true personality, others find answers in numerology, or maybe even tea leaves. But the truth is, that all is revealed simply through your go-to coffee order. So let’s delve in—what does your choice in coffee tell the world about you?

Flat White

Flat white sippers tend to go with the flow. They’re not finicky or obsessive about much. Or, alternatively they’ve been hanging out at places like the Cupping Room a lot, and have realised that milk-based coffees are basically all the same. It’s the least trouble to just order a flat white.


Those who love their lattes are creative and critical, and most importantly, are all about the latte art. If the barista doesn’t serve up a special love-heart, long-time latte-lovers expect some kind of fancy swan next time to make up for it.


People who drink cappuccinos like a bit of a fuss. They understand that life is all about having fun. There’s no way these sweet-tooths will give up that chocolate and froth. Don’t confuse the cappuccino-drinkers, with the much-reviled (by coffee snobs) Mugg-a-cino orderers.

Long Black

These guys are minimalists, who opt for quality over quantity. I need not say more.


Short espresso, long espresso, it all fits into this category. Those who routinely drink espressos can come across as quite intense and are sometimes intimidating. But they are also the most emotionally strong of us and they are full energy.

Don’t doubt us coffee-whisperers; these are the facts.


The filter coffee drinkers among us wear Birkenstocks, and, if genetically possible, have a full, well-trimmed beard, (or at least most of their male friends do). They like to relish experiences, and to be in the moment.

Piccolo latte

Piccolo latte drinkers are likely to be busy public servants or businesspeople. They don’t have time for a regular sized coffee, or need that extra milk to ruin their gorgeous waistlines.


These folk are the all-or-nothing type, who appreciate (and seek out) luxury. Ice-cream and liqueur in my coffee? Yes please!