As the sun sets on Floriade, NightFest emerges and with it so does this years epic light display! We had the first look (ahead of the Thursday 3 October launch) at the new installations and I can tell you that you will not be able to put your phone down all night – not because of boredom, but because there are so many photo worthy moments for you and your Instagram account.

‘Spheric’. This amazing dome is eight metres high and seems to just ‘float’ on Kangaroo Pond. When lit up, the reflection bouncing back from the pond gives the illusion of a 360 sphere floating in the darkness. Covered in nearly 3,000 individually controllable lights, this installation is all about the senses! Music is played as you walk over the pond and through the centre of the artwork.

‘Framed’. People love to be able to walk through installations and I think Floriade has picked up on that! Framed is a series of picture frames made from LED lights that tower over you. As you walk through, you might notice a theme to the soundtrack, (it’s all floral themed).

With all the new stuff happening, don’t fret; the ever-famous Floriade Ferris wheel is of course back. You will be able to see Spheric from a new angle as you ride to the top of the wheel!

And if you’re looking to thank someone for your new Instagram content, thank Mandylights. They are the “light artists” that are behind these displays and have been showcasing the flowers at Floriade for 10 years.

To finish the night off, don’t forget to stop by Stage 88 where there will be a number of amazing performances. And across from that are some super smooth espresso martinis and Floriade themed cocktails from Underground Spirits.

Have one of those, get comfy on the chair swing and enjoy!

NightFest is open from 3 October to 6 October, 6.30pm – 10.30pm.


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