Dining solo shouldn’t be an anxiety-evoking experience. While we can admit some restaurants might not give off the acceptable ‘eating alone’ vibe, however, there are more and more popping up with the perfect setting and atmosphere for feeling comfortable and enjoying a nice meal by yourself.


With high ceiling windows, modern interior features, refined menu classics and top-notch coffee, ARC cafe is the perfect working space, coffee break and food refuel location in the company of you!


Cosy corners, relaxing ambience and comfy lounges make Parlour the best place to dine alone. Sip on great wine, read a book or do some work and enjoy a delicious range of nibbles.


Sick of working from home? Need a new atmosphere to get those creative juices flowing? Head into Highroad and spend the day sipping on great coffee, some eggs on toast and maybe a slice of cake or two.


Prop yourself up at the bar of stylish Asian fusion restaurant Akiba and feel no fears of sympathetic glances as the bustling restaurant’s low lighting, music and amazing dishes keep groups entertained. Watch on as the talented bartenders mix up heavenly cocktails and sample a beautiful array of their flavourful dishes.


Find yourself at Bar Rochford hidden away in the Melbourne Building and unwind with natural wines, great food, a cosy light-hearted space, and an even better soundtrack to pair it all together.

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