Canberra is a city full of multicultural-loving residents. Every year we look forward to celebrating the Multicultural Festival and now we have a new festival to look forward to – Canberra Moon Festival!

Taking place this Saturday 10 September, from 2:00pm to 8:00pm at the Old Bus Depot, Kingston, the festival offers a chance to celebrate Asia’s Mid Autumn Festival here in Australia. More than 30 catering and merchant stalls will be serving a delicious variety of Asian delicacies and commodities.

There will also be Asian culture-inspired games and activities, and a splendid series of traditional performances that will entertain the whole family.

The Moon Festival is the second largest festival in China, next to Chinese New Year. The festival is held on the 15th day of the eighth month in the Chinese lunar calendar and is also celebrated vastly in Malaysia, Vietnam and Philippines, as well as by ethnic Chinese people across the world.

The Moon Festival’s name originates from ancient Chinese myth of ‘Chang’e’, the Moon Goddess of Immortality. The celebration generally involves full moon gazing, lanterns and riddles, mooncake making (and eating!), family reunions, and lion and dragon dances.

The Federation of the Chinese Associations of ACT Inc is the host of the Canberra Moon Festival 2016. First established in 1999 by six Chinese community groups aiming to unite ethnic Chinese in the region, the association has become the most recognised Chinese community organisation by ACT government and authority bodies.

Up until the end of August, the planning team made up of volunteers, has worked through three full weeks to create a memorable inaugural event for the nation’s capital, so that the Chinese tradition and culture can be carried on.

Canberra Moon Festival 2016 is the first cultural fair in the history of Chinese communities planned to accommodate an expected crowd of 5000 guests.

The festival is set to be an annual event from 2016 onwards for locals and visitors to experience, share and carry on the Moon Festival tradition.


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