The ’90s resurgence has crept up and gently tapped us on our shoulders, but now it’s about to hit us in full force. What seems like only yesterday was actually two decades ago and the fashion cycle has swung around to meet us somewhere between 90201, Jenny from the Block, Kate Moss and No Doubt. Enter spaghetti straps, bomber jackets, sporty cargos, Adidas stripes and RnB cool.

This ’90s trend takes us back to mornings watching MTV, scanning the new release isle for the coolest in VHS, rummaging through record stores trying to have our very own Empire Records moment– the ’90s vibe feels like youth and freedom, like riding around in your first car, tasting adulthood but still cocooned in the bubble of pop and innocence.

Sports wear

Adidas snap pants have been reimagined into ridiculously cool bomber jackets along with a list of luxe options of flashy sports wear separates. This trend has been a long time coming, with Alexander Wang transforming sports wear into the coolest thing around, bringing his approach with him to his brief stint at Balenciaga.

Wherever Alexander wanders, the fash-pack follows. Designers are all embracing a more relaxed, wearable approach to their collections; sport has never been more fashionable.

The slip dress
Made famous by Kate Moss, the slip dress is the easiest and most versatile item that you can add to your wardrobe. Wear it with biker boots for a grunge look or go sleek and pair with some simple sneakers for a sporty vibe.

Throw on a leather biker jacket or layer with a long sleeve top underneath for a full ’90s interpretation. There is nothing quite as comfortable as a slip dress, it quite literally slips over the body allowing the winter sins of chocolate, pasta and red wine to go happily unnoticed. If you haven’t yet, invest in one now…or two.

The choker necklace

The choker has been around for a few seasons now and shows no sign of going anywhere. Add a berry lip to go all-out ’90s and keep the look fresh with a white tee and denim jacket. Simple, easy and ever-so cool.

The mule

Slip on shoes are back, in a more elegant way than those we remember. Mules are the hottest thing in footwear right now, in sleek satins or clean leather. This is a far cry from the woven, tacky version – fresh in my summer beach memories.

The simple, easy to put on mule nods to effortless ’90s dressing at its best.

Whether you want to join the Clueless clique, the grungy group, the pop-tastic divas or the sporty sistas, embrace the decade of eclectic fun and do it your way. Hold onto your hoops, it’s going to be a wild ride!