With an all-day breakfast menu, a tea selection approaching epic length and loft lounge room complete with record player and retro microwave cookbooks, there is no good reason not to make Teddy Picker’s a regular café haunt.

Run by a team of young and enthusiastic individuals, the café is an eclectic mix of what they love. They greet patrons with light-hearted familiarity, often to a soundtrack of Arctic Monkey’s playing on the record player upstairs.

Exposed concrete walls, high ceilings and hues of blue, grey and black give the café an industrial feel, while the team have injected their personality into the space, through decorative hanging plants, a large floating bookshelf filled with kitsch items and awkward family photos. Inside has a bright and airy feel with floor-to-ceiling windows along the front of the cafe, allowing a seamless flow between the indoor seating area and terrace, and an easy view of the many dogs that are more than welcome to come and lap from the dog bowls at the dog bar

Cross the welcome mat and ascend the staircase to find yourself in a cosy loft lounge room with plush sofas and beanbags, and magazines and records overflowing from the bookshelves – the perfect place to study, chat or take a nap.

The food that Teddy Picker’s has to offer demonstrates its passion and knowledge for flavour through creative twists that speak to the team’s fun-loving personalities.

Oats may be considered a breakfast food, but with an all-day menu, the Oats may just suit any time of the day. Served refreshingly cool like a bircher, the oats are smooth and creamy, sprinkled generously with a crunchy mixture of puffed wild rice, coconut and candied macadamias. The adornment of mango caps it all off, making each mouthful reminiscent of summer in a bowl.

If it’s a sweet treat you’re after, then don’t look past the Pressed French Toast. Like no other French toast you’ll ever have, the masterminds in the kitchen surprise you with a slab of French toast that is silky smooth on the inside with a crispy, caramelised exterior. It is accompanied with an array of fresh and preserved stonefruit which encompasses a delicate flavour that is perfect with the light consistency of the toast. A scoop of ice cream melts decadently through the dish, enhancing it with a deep honey flavour, while a milk crumb completes the dish with its crunchy, crumbly texture.

There is plenty on the menu for the non-sweet-toothed. The Greens plate is a satisfying and healthy option. A medley of blanched greens including asparagus, broccoli, peas and broad beans are tossed in a delicate buttermilk dressing and mint leaves, which inject a burst of freshness into each bite. The toasted almonds that embellish the dish impart a delicious nutty flavour also found in the rich brown-butter crème fraiche served on the side. One of the convenient aspects of the menu is its ability to be adaptable, so make sure to take full advantage of this and order the greens with a side of the house-smoked salmon. The deep and meaty flavour imparted in the smoking process pairs magnificently with the minty greens.

The Teddy Picker’s take on the Eggs Benedict is a memorable one. Softly toasted rye muffin is topped with chunky slices of Christmas ham that is packed with the comforting flavour of family feasting. A generous drizzle of thick and rich smoked hollandaise oozes over perfectly poached eggs, coating every mouthful with its smooth buttery-ness and delivering a subtle smoky tinge.

Take the unique Teddy Picker’s flair away with you in the form of creative pickles, preserves or dukkah. The Sweet Carrot Jam, for example, sounds intriguing with an ingredients list of carrot, coffee and lemongrass, but the first bite will have you hooked and you’ll soon be trying to lick the bottom of an empty jar.

Community and sharing food are integral to the Teddy Picker’s idea. The team encourage this ethos through gathering surplus produce from their customers for them to work their magic on, and create preserves and other products that come directly from the community. A big batch of strawberries, for example, was transformed into a delicious berry in syrup mixture with subtle notes of pepper and juniper.

Whether it’s families, students, office workers, mums with bubs or dogs alike, Teddy Picker’s has something for all with good vibes, even better food and their unique flair of fun.