While Aussies are spending a massive $640 million a month on fast food and restaurants, what ACT residents shell out might surprise you.

Canberra may pride itself on being a foodie destination, with new restaurants popping up seemingly every week, but new research by the Commonwealth Bank has found ACT residents only spend $106.89 each a month on dining out.  And only the Northern Territory spends less than we do!

The data also showed while the average Aussie is spending $90 a month on fast food, ACT eaters are paying just $74.65, just 40c more than the lowest spenders in the NT.

Commonwealth Bank executive general manager digital Pete Steel said dining out seems to be most popular among millennials.

“People under 30 make up almost half of all fast food purchases and a third of restaurants’ trade. Interestingly, they’re not the ones spending the most money,” Mr Steel said.

“Customers aged 40 to 45 spend the most per month on fast food, potentially because they are purchasing meals for a family, while those aged between 50 and 55 spend the most in restaurants – $184 a month on average.”

An average Aussie is spending around $90 per month on fast food, a 20 percent increase compared to two years ago, and $143 per month on restaurants, up 6 percent since July 2015.

New South Wales and Western Australia residents are spending the most on dining out.