IT consultant and dance instructor, Aston, was snapped by We Are Found while in the city. He took a few minutes to chat to photographer Deejay about his work style.

“I usually rock a two-piece suit and tie. I own a few different variations of suits to match my mood for the day. If I have an important presentation, I rock the power suit, which you have caught me in today,” says Aston.

Having given up sugar, Deejay was quick to notice his tie and sock combo featuring doughnuts!

“I like mixing conventional and unconventional pieces together. I picked up the doughnut tie from a UK boutique while I was living over there, and the socks are from Roger David. I am really into the printed socks and ties at the moment – also, I’m really into doughnuts!” he laughs.

“My favourite place to shop is M.J. Bale. They offer excellent off-the-rack suits which only require minor alterations. They also have business shirts that are slimmer than your average, allowing me to avoid ‘puffy shirt syndrome’. Definitely a great alternative when I can’t get to a tailor. They are probably my unofficial work attire sponsor.”