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Retro love

June 17, 2018 | Style Stalker
Sam’s style consists of a collection of vintage-inspired clothing, to keep her both trendy and comfortable. “My go-to look is mom jeans, my trusty white sneakers, and a baggy sweater.” This sense of fashion makes it simple for Sam to combine staple pieces with one another; essentially the ‘classic’ look of neutrals with an occasional pop of colour. “I love the 80s/90s retro look - I think it’s the biggest inspiration to my style of fashion.”

Kenzo Kicks

June 10, 2018 | Style Stalker
Hailing from Melbourne, Tuyet does a sunny winter’s day in Canberra right as she adjusts to the wardrobe changes the different climate brings. Her everyday style is Japanese inspired with an elemen...

Love the layers

June 02, 2018 | Style Stalker
Dressed in simple yet bold attire, Maddie’s go-to style for the transition of seasons is based around a combination of neutral colours. “I love winter in Canberra, because I love layering my c...