The Fashion Vault spotted Najima Rasool on her way to The Multicultural Festival on Saturday.

After a quick chat, we discovered that her outfits encapsulate a combination of every style she loves. 

“One day I’ll wake up and dress really chic and the next day I’ll wake up and want to wear ripped denim with a baggy T-shirt, or I’ll want to wear something really vintage and classy,” she says. 

“I believe style is an art, being able to envision an outfit, mix and match with different styles, colours, textures etc to create an expression of yourself is amazing.”

A wardrobe favourite of hers are loafers. 

“The best thing about them is you can style them in so many different ways – chic, street style, vintage. They are so comfy and have a bit of a heel which looks great! My favourites are from Wittner, they have amazing loafers!”