“I really think this next tour is going to be the best we’ve ever done. We’ve just put out our best record, we feel the sharpest we’ve ever been, creatively and as performers and we’re the best we’ve been at performing, so I really feel like this next tour is going to be memorable.”

It could sound like a good PR statement, but there is a genuine energy and enthusiasm in Nick Lupi’s voice as he makes this comment towards the end of our chat. As one half of Spit Syndicate and a member of One Day, his ten plus years in the music scene seem to keep rolling on strong.

Riding a high from the quick release of their latest album Orbit, the Syndicate are set to hit the road shortly, and Canberra is fortunate enough to be part of this vibe.

The short break between albums certainly seems to be a key factor in the energy Nick highlights in our chat.

“For us, one of the big factors was that we wanted to release music quickly,” Nick says. “Before we had two or three years between albums, that’s too long. Now more than ever people want the music that they want, and they want it now, and they want to be able to stream it on their phones. We only dropped our last album a year ago.

“The other thing is when you start making an album and you don’t release it until three years later the songs have started to take shape a little bit but they are still three years old. They’re not quite the best representation of right now. With some of these songs, we started them in October, we finished them in December, they were out in February. I’ve never made songs that quickly. You don’t get a chance to get sick of them.”

It sounds like the fast, sharp release of ‘Orbit’ is also set to influence the energy of their live shows, and what’s great about Spit Syndicate and One Day is the way they seem to know how to connect with local audiences.

“What’s particularly exciting for us about this Canberra show is, besides it being the last show of the tour, we’ve got Turquoise Prince with us. You know he lives in Sydney now but he’s from Canberra. So I think that show is going to be special,” he says.

“The show is selling really well. It’s only a small venue. We haven’t done that many shows in Canberra, and people are always hitting us up asking why don’t you come to Canberra, you know blah blah, so we told our people we want to go everywhere on this tour and we definitely wanted to go to Canberra.”

Nick mentions a few Canberra highlights when discussing his decade in the business so far. Groovin’ The Moo with One Day was cited as one of his most memorable gigs, and he also spoke fondly of the time they brought One Day Sunday to Canberra at Westside Park in late 2016.

“It was super great but that venue got closed down, so we couldn’t go back and do it. It is basically like an open air hip hop R and B dance party. Live art, there was basketball at the Canberra thing. It’s just about creating the space where you can listen to rap music in the day time. Everyone’s welcome, it’s really sort of for music lovers.”

Realising the loss of a perfect space for that type of event, I let Nick know of my struggles to think of a good replacement to host it now.

“If you have any ideas, bro, let me know because we would love to come back.” So if any of you awesome OutinCanberra readers have any ideas, feel free to let us know.

With a strong history already behind them, it’s worth considering advice Spit Syndicate may have for emerging artists.

Nick’s response is further proof of that positive energy.

“Build a team and become as self-sufficient as possible,” he says.

“Relying on other people like labels and managers to work as hard as you work for yourself is not the best way to do it, and treat people with respect and use your manners. Don’t think just because you think you’re talented you deserve anything. Talent is only a portion of it, you gotta grind for it.”

Having survived those 10 years in an emerging genre, what changes can Nick identify in the current Aussie hip hop world?

“It’s always been competitive and I think that’s just the nature of hip hop music, but its better,” Nick says.

“The quality and the diversity of the different music voices now is so much stronger than when we started and I think that’s a beautiful thing.”

Be sure to pick up on this energy, enthusiasm and experience when Spit Syndicate hit Transit Bar on Saturday 7 July.