Bleeding Knees Club are kind of young, kind of old, kind of local, kind of global. The Gold Coast crew recorded their first album over 7 years ago in New York with Dev Hynes (aka Blood Orange) as producer and this year finally gave us the follow up ‘Fade The Hammer.’

They’ve played all over the world but are now giving their home town a visit.  Since the group’s origins garage punk rock has taken off somewhat more in Australia.  If you’ve picked up on some more recent acts like Hockey Dad, be sure not miss out on seeing one of our pioneers. Plus, their bringing some of the future of garage rock, Crocodylus, as supports, ensuring an energetic epic night at MOLO Live on Friday the 7th December. Tickets are $24.54 through Moshtix.

We caught up with vocalist/guitarist Alex Wall to find out a bit more of what we can expect.

What inspired the balaclava and overalls look for the new album?

I wanted it to be kind of a joke or parody of a rap album. I wanted us to look all tough and badass, even though we kind of aren’t. I also like when bands do themed albums and the whole campaign fits together.

What was the writing process for Fade The Hammer?

It was pretty much me in my room like it always is. It actually took longer than it usually does for me to write an album. Some songs I had for over a year, while others I wrote a day or two before recording.

How did the decision to have Dev Hynes produce Nothing To Do eventuate?

We went on tour with his old band Lightspeed Champion, and we liked him and he liked us so we just kinda asked him and he said yes. Next minute we were in Brooklyn, recording our first album for a week.

How do you think that experience and recording your first album in New York has shaped the band today?

I think it was good to start at a high level and with high expectations. Now I’m patient and save money and put a lot into recording, because I know it’s worth it. I also ended up living in New York for two years after that, and made some really good friends through that experience.

You’ve played quite a few international cities- whats your favourite and why?

We just played a festival in Madrid, and it was one of the best overseas shows we’ve ever played. It was so fun and crazy. I’d love to go back there. I also love playing in LA or New York because I have a lot of friends there, so it’s good to hang out.

I would say you are still relatively new artists (with Fade The Hammer being your second album), but am wondering how you would describe any changes to the music scene since your formation 8 years ago?

I wouldn’t say we are new artists. I’ve released four solo albums as Wax Witches, two Bleeding Knees Club albums and three EP’s, plus toured Europe, the USA, Japan and Australia a bunch of times. Which is more than some bands older than us have done.

But the music scene has changed so much since 8 years ago. When we started garage music, or even guitar music, wasn’t popular at all in Australia. We had to tour with electronic bands or dance bands.  It was crazy that we even got radio play. But now there are a million surf/garage bands in Australia, and some of them are way more popular than I ever could have imagined.

I’m a Crocodylus fan too, so wondering if you had any involvement in choosing them as your supports for this tour?

Yeahhh I hand-pick all our supports. I like to choose main support bands that will push us to put on a better show. They are crazy, so I’m amped to play after them every night.

Who’s been your favourite artist to share a stage with, and who else would you like to share  with?

We played with OFF! in Texas once. That was pretty crazy and cool. I also played with Thee Oh Sees a bit in the USA, which is always a dream.

I’d love to play with Mason Ramsey

Describe Canberra in 3 words

John Howard’s eyebrows.