Sage Dining Room have done two exceptional things this week. First up, they were announced 2nd in the Fine Dining Category in the Trip Advisor’s 2019 Traveller’s Choice Awards; being the only award winner from Canberra across all three Restaurant Categories.

“The Trip Advisor award is so meaningful to us as it’s a people’s choice award,” Sage Dining Rooms, Venue Manager, Simone says. “We are humbled by the fact that people go out of their way to say nice things. Sage make a conscious effort to make a connection with our diners.”

Secondly, and most excitingly for us locals, Sage has introduced an even more entertaining way to eat cheese – the cheese trolley!

Each week four exotic cheeses will be on rotation for those looking for a cheese fuelled lunch (we always are) or wanting to add the delicious novelty onto the end of their degustation.

The train comes with a range of delightful condiments including fancy salts, honey, olives and jams. There is also an option to pair with local dessert wines by Shaw Vineyard and Larkhill.

For the launch week, cheese enthusiast can enjoy buffalo milk blue cheese, cave aged goats’ cheese and Jersey red wash cheese.

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