For anyone who attended the preview night at the Spiegeltent, the one question on all our minds is: did the man who got a lap dance from not one, but three dancers have to walk home?

Forget drugs, sex and rock n roll; the BLANC de BLANC way of life is champagne, sex and acrobatics – and boy was it a saucy soirée.

The French-born host talked with all fervour of champagne and even when there were humorous language barriers between the all-star cast they agreed on one thing – the pleasures of champagne.

Monsieur Romeo’s high-fashion model days were especially useful in his role as Blanc de Blanc’s debonair maître’d, his Zoolander-like glare captures all the ladies’ attention. OTT Romeo may be ultra-French but his slag on Pauline Hanson and those budgie smugglers scream Aussie.

One sexual innuendo after another, transformed the fine French cabaret into a raunchy dance party, picture old school burlesque with a hip hop twist. At first, the performers impress the crowd as jazz dancing flapper girls, but by the end they were twerking harder than Nicki Minaj.

The sheer talent of the crew kept the party classy – even when it shouldn’t have been. The mostly female cast were recognised firstly for their strength and secondly for their sex appeal. Blanc de Blanc is a show of non-stop jaw dropping moments, it was hard to comprehend how that incredible strength could come from such small packages.

Each performer added an exceptional piece of talent and their own perfect amount of crazy. The impeccable timing of each and every move, act and joke is what makes Blanc de Blanc a world-class show.

After the interval, the party amps up and the audience is accepting of the risqué bouts of nudes and steamy hot-tub scenes. The show finishes on a high-end spectacle, while the crowd and cast party as one in a scene of effervescent energy.

To the man who popped the performers last balloon and made her reach the ‘Big O’, we hope to god your mother wasn’t in the crowd.

Whether it’s bubbles from the bath or the champagne bottle, Blanc de Blanc will get you wet!

BLANC de BLANC is playing at the Canberra Theatre Centre from Thursday 26 April to Sunday 20 May.

Important information 
Age Suitability: 18+. Contains adult concepts, full frontal nudity and references to alcohol consumption, as well as theatrical haze, strobe lighting and limited herbal cigarette smoking. This show has an intermission.


Blanc de Blanc in The Spiegeltent Canberra_no credit providedPresented by Strut & Fret Production House
Dates & Times 
26th April – 20th May Various Times
Tickets Various, transaction fee $4.95 (per transaction)
Venue The SpiegeltentCanberra Theatre Centre Forecourt
PH: the Box Office on (02) 6275 2700
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