Whether you like it hard or soft, with rose or bubbles, at the end of a meal or on its own, if you’re the cheese-loving type who wants to enjoy a top-notch cheese board that you didn’t make yourself, these are the restaurants and bars in Canberra who are known for and do it best.


Tucked away in a seemingly ordinary laneway, that only the ‘in-the-know’ locals know to walk through, WineRoom sits as the perfect no-fuss dinner for two as well as a casual afternoon drinks location. And what’s a couple of wines without a pairing of cheese to marry the moment? Celebrating what every good wine bar should – fine winemaking, the menu showcases a curated selection of wines from the world’s best regions, including our own. With food, and in particular, cheese, designed around the wines, WineRoom invites cheese boards as a meal finisher or the star of the table. From cheeses not so far from home to big flavoured goat and sheep milk cheeses from France and Spain, if you ever wanted to know just how good a cheese and wine could taste together, this is the place.

Paranormal Wines

As you’re sitting with friends in one of the trendiest suburbs in Canberra, drinking an orange wine from a boutique producer you’ve never come across before, when they ask, ‘Would you like some food with that’, just say yes. Working as a wine shop and bar, Paranormal Wines are all about interesting drops and have a world of knowledge for those wanting to explore something new or who might be embarrassed to say they have no idea what they like. A comfortable setting to try new wines, see just how much a wine can open up and change with a little bit of food. Offering simple snacks that just work so well, whether it’s a cheesy croquette, deliciously gooey burrata over fresh sourdough or a crowd-pleasing cheese plate, your afternoon will be sorted.

Nick O’Leary Wines

Immerse yourself in the world of Nick O’Leary, where wine enthusiasts and gastronomy aficionados meet for a harmonisation of food and wine. At their beautiful cellar door, cheese is always encouraged. And while you’ll most likely be tempted to go one step further and explore their farm-to-table lunch menu, make sure to leave room for a lip-smacking cheese board to end that last glass of wine. Boasting a whole charcuterie section, allowing you to dictate the size of your platter, all the freshest and essential ingredients are included. From fresh sourdough bread and good-quality olive oil to savoury salumi and marinated olives, the cheese selection is no exception. Paired with quince, lavosh and grapes, each of the three cheeses are unique in their own right with the quality on point. And vegans, you can finally join in on the cheese-eating fun, with a vegan cheese plate also available.


An intimate restaurant serving wholeheartedly good food, Corella’s modern Australian menu makes cheese a part of your meal, not separate from it. Using native flavours and ingredients with classic cooking techniques, the unpretentious flow of the menu intertwines and invites a small (but generous in flavour) cheese board as the finale. Showing off our great variety of local cheeses and flavours, if there’s nothing left of your bottle, add a glass of botrytis for the perfect pairing.


A classic European bistro with a sophisticated yet approachable style, Louis boasts a timeless menu with Provencale flair. While all of the restaurant’s menus include a cheese selection, ordering from the bar menu outside on the terrace just screams cheese board and champagne! No one can deny France’s platform within the cheese industry, so on the menu, you’ll find two French varieties, plus one from Victoria to keep it local. Elegantly presented (just like the French), a laid-back afternoon filled with cheese and wine is the right way to go about your cheese-sharing experience.


If you’re like us and are in ‘the know’ about all our top-scoring restaurants, you’ll notice Rizla is the place to be for a really good Riesling. With the owner loving the grape variety so much he created a restaurant around it, the perfect Riesling is guaranteed. Unlike many, Rizla invites and accommodates walk-ins where possible, and when you pair that with the fact that they are open for your end-of-week or lazy weekend afternoon wine, it invites plenty of groups seeking their perfect cheese board.

Leyla Bar

It’s always aperitivo hour at Barton’s rooftop bar, Leyla. Boasting killer city views that light up the whole venue in a gorgeous pink hue at sunset, the menu is designed around snacking, going hand-in-hand with cheese. Over a bottle of bubbles or your second round of cocktails, get stuck into the cheese selection and perhaps order a few more share plates and tapas to create the ultimate smorgasbord.


Offering a small outdoor terrace hidden amongst thriving leafy greens in summer and a cosy lounge area in winter, Parlour defines laid-back dining throughout the entire year. Leaving you free to decide what your dining experience with them will look like, whether it’s a full three-course meal, quick lunch break or snacks and wine over a few hours, feel at ease. If cheese happens to be the flavour of the day, you’ll be singing with the choice of a soft, firm or blue cheese paired with sourdough, seasonal compote, honeycomb and house-made pickles.


A dimly lit speakeasy bar isn’t usually the place you’d think of when looking for where to get the best cheese board, but that’s the beauty of Molly. Different to your usual cheese and wine happy hour scenario, head to Molly for a classy after-dinner drink (most likely whisky) with live jazz and an immaculate atmosphere that carries you even later into the night where you start to think you could really use a little nibble. Pairing cheese and charcuterie, get stuck into a medley of premium cheese and meats served with various pastes, fruits and crackers.

Amici Wine Bar & Deli

A deli, wine and cocktail bar where cheese is considered a main food group, if a cheese board is the objective, you can’t go past Amici. Whether it’s to have there or takeaway, Amici, like a deli, allows you to design your own platter, choosing up to four cheeses and charcuteries. If you’re dining in to work your way through their spritz menu, you’ll also find an absolutely delectable seasonal baked brie on the dessert menu that is a serious crowd-pleaser.

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