Renowned for its designer spaces and signature art installations, QT Canberra is welcoming homegrown talent Jess Cochrane to its foyer in December.

The collection of artworks, named After My Own Heart, is a direct reflection of the bond and understanding each piece’s subject shares with the artist as they move along a journey toward self-acceptance.

A visual artist from Canberra, Cochrane uses her works to echo the relationship between society and the consumption of pop culture. Importantly, Cochrane wanted to draw on the feminine strength in order to create a more powerful, inclusive and influential visual culture.

“In this modern world, there has become an impossible and instant expected standard regarding beauty, so I really wanted the work to reflect the way in which we strive to accept our own individual beauty,” she said.

“It is such an honour to work with QT Canberra, especially given how focused all their properties are on art and the overall sensory experience.”