The importance of self-care and wellness is becoming one of the biggest trends of 2020. Making yourself a priority, learning the importance of mindful habits and connecting with one’s self has become recognised as an equally important aspect of life. Meditation apps, wellness hubs, organic self-care products and simply mental health days are just some of the innovative practices people use to take a minute from their busy schedules and life demands, to relax and feel more centred with themselves. A term many people refer to as ‘the third-place.’

This philosophy suggests that the ‘first place’ is your home, the ‘second place’ is the workplace and the ‘third place’ is all the spaces in between that are the heart of a community’s social vitality.

Inspired by this philosophy, the new wellness brand Adytum cultivates founder Renee Douros’s interpretation of the third place in a variety of mediums, both physical and experimental. Douros says Adytum has been created to “encourage practices of meaningful ritual.”

Leading their first release is a “collection of certified organic, botanical-based products that have been meticulously formulated with both efficacy and sensory pleasure in mind.” Douros explains that this will elevate “practices of ritual and routine, encouraging moments of thoughtfulness and repose.”

The products include “hand-rolled incense made from all-natural resins, floral extracts and the finest essential oils; mineral rich soaks hand blended with leaves and flowers; naturopath formulated botanical tisanes; and research-based oils containing pure botanical extracts that are celebrated for their transformative properties.”

“The ritual of brewing a loose-leaf tisane [herbal tea] or lathering your body in a fragrant oil should be practiced with care and intention, transporting you to a destination that is free from distractions of the modern world. Your own third place.”

Incorporating a sustainability-focused mind set the team is focused on environmental consciousness, sourcing only organic plant-based non-toxic ingredients and eco-friendly packaging.

In September, Adytum will also be opening a semi-permanent library on Lonsdale Street in Braddon and will run until December 2020. The library will stock a range of curated design, art, craft and architecture for the purpose of a “welcoming public space that cultivates social experiences in the company of like-minded people.”

The team have been planning even more exciting things for 2021. In February they will be publishing a quarterly print title that will include insights into related topics that are often overlooked in more depth. We have been told the first issue will “review minimalism as both a cultural phenomenon and a creative movement.”

In mid 2021, an ‘urban sanctum’ will also be coming to Canberra, a space for customers that is “luxurious, transformative and invigorating.” More is yet to be revealed about this space, however Douros says it will “act as a sanctuary nestled in an urban environment,” and will offer wellness and self-care services. Some to look forward to include an “in-house alchemist, hair and scalp space, juicer and a bathhouse.”

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