OutInCanberra is on the hunt for a local who has what it takes to report on OTT foods around Canberra. Do you stroll down the snack aisle and ponder whether that jam doughnut ice-cream could be improved by sandwiching it between a warm chunky chip cookie, then drizzling it with Nutella? The successful candidate must be proficient in ‘thinking with their tummy’.

If you don’t find yourself satisfied with a dessert unless you’re shaking from a sugar rush; if you demand a refund if your burger doesn’t drip through its wrapper; if your retort is ‘I’ll take all three’ when you’re asked which sauce you want on your loaded fries, then your dream job is close enough to taste. If you feel strongly that family size lolly bags were in fact built for one; fridge lights were invented for midnight snacking and light cheese is for sissies than wipe that tear from your eye because we got you and we HANGRY.

Role description:

Your task will include finding epic, gut-wrenching, over-indulgent and over the top foods around town. Successful candidates will know how to strategically pair menu items together to create something even more impressive than the original. A general knowledge of the local food scene plus recent trends will be an advantage. Low cholesterol preferred (but not essential).

If you consider yourself an OTT food enthusiast we want to hear from.

Competent in keeping food down.
Able to articulate the tastes and emotions brought on when indulging in food.
Doesn’t shy away from a camera.
Not afraid to get their hands dirty.
Bottomless stomach.

Let us know in the form below what disgustingly delicious food you would pair together around Canberra?
(payment in the form of food)

Professional Food Eater