No Pong is an extremely effective, all-natural, anti odourant, but what does that actually mean? Featured in magazines including Dolly, Fitness First and Better Homes and Gardens, No Pong is getting a lot of attention – and so it should.

Not only does No Pong have a hilarious name, it is also highly effective in eliminating odours.  It is made up of completely natural ingredients and has options for sensitive skin types.

The product has a unique texture and scent. The texture is similar to a balm and smoothes into the skin to create a long lasting and effective anti-odorant product. The scent is designed to be subtle when pairing with other fragrances and once applied is very minimal rather than the typical overpowering spray deodorants.

No Pong prides itself on the use of natural ingredients, including coconut oil and beeswax to make sure the product stays throughout the day. Other ingredients are designed to absorb sweat while allowing your skin to breathe, rather than simply blocking pores, as traditional antiperspirant products are designed to do.

It’s also quite easy to use. Just apply a pea-sized amount to each armpit, wait about a minute or so for the product to absorb, and then just walk out the door.  It is so simple and such a great alternative to ordinary spray deodorants.

No Pong also has a line of anti-odorant products for sensitive skin, more info here.