The National Film and Sound Archive of Australia has taken a Step Back in Time to produce a video for the international Museum Dance Off competition, to the rhythm of Kylie Minogue’s 1990 classic hit.

Now in its fifth and final year, Museum Dance Off is an international competition featuring museums, galleries, libraries and archives around the world showcasing their facilities and work, as well as their best dance moves.

NFSA CEO Jan Müller said the upside of the competition was the NFSA discovered that some of the staff have “great dance moves up their sleeves”.

“Our staff are experts in the preservation of Australia’s audiovisual collection and we wanted to portray the wide range of work that we do in a fun way,” Jan said.

“They are all very proud of the organisation, as well as committed to the mission of the NFSA, and I think the audience will see that in this clip.  Please vote for us!”

The NFSA will participate in the first Australian semi-final, facing the National Portrait Gallery and the History Trust of South Australia.   The winner of the first round will go to the Australian final on May 7, and a national winner will then participate in the international ‘Thunderdome’ final on May 14.

The public will be able to vote during a 24-hour period only for the videos from 10pm Thursday 19 April to 9:59pm Friday 20 April (Australian Eastern Time) at