A locally inspired fashion show is coming to the Fitters Workshop, Kingston Sunday 24 March. Meraki is brought to Canberra by fashionistas Bianca Pavilic and Maryanne Irhia. You may have seen Meraki circling your social pipes, so we chatted with Maryanne about the upcoming event – start planning your outfits!

We’re just two young gal pals who both shared a vision at brunch over avo on toast last year. The name Meraki means to do something with love, creativity and soul. This word resonated with us because that’s exactly what we do everyday and exactly what we’re doing now. We wanted to create a local, collaborative event which was inclusive and diverse. We literally share the same brain, often one of us will message the other about an idea and the other would be like “I was just thinking that!” It’s so crazy!

The fashion scene is constantly evolving and we wanted to give Canberra something which was fun and fresh. The power of social media has really helped us – we were swarmed with messages for people wanting to be involved through Instagram before we’d even posted a photo about it which was surreal. We’ll be announcing our other designers who are showcasing soon!

The charming and rustic Fitters Workshop in Kingston is the perfect setting for Meraki. Think textured neutrals to lush florals in abundance, blush tones and vintage lace. The show is centred around a glamorous muted palette. It’s more than a fashion show, it’s a whole experience. There will be food, music and drinks – everything being Instagram worthy of course, making for an enchanted afternoon.

It’s a new business venture for both of us and we’re so thankful and appreciative of the support that we’ve received so far.