Permeating with New York deli vibes at every corner, with a sandwich menu that will have you counting down the minutes until you can head off on your lunch break, Al’s Deli & Diner is making sandwiches fun again.

Opening as the third and final venue of hospo legends Rabble Group’s Alinga Street Project, while Al’s is their smallest venture to date, make no mistake it promises a lot more than just your average sandwich shop.

Hoping to address the longstanding challenge of mastering a truly gratifying sandwich within the city, they have partnered with former Teddy Pickers owner and chef, Matt Rowlings.

“Al’s Deli & Diner was born from the struggle of finding a truly satisfying city sandwich but more than that, we wanted a menu that hooks you in for more. We craved that classic deli simplicity with top-notch ingredients,” he says.

From timeless checkered floors, yellow booth seating and classic diner-style bar seating, every dish is made with grab-and-go convenience in mind. With jam-packed, flavourful sambos that practically demand two hands, at Al’s carbs are #1.

On the menu find classics such as the Meat and Pickles, Egg & Lettuce, Schnitty and B&E Roll. They also recommend you check back in weekly for their ever-changing specials that will coax you out of your office chair.

Al’s Deli & Diner is now open from Monday to Friday, 6:30am to 2:30pm. With a short Christmas break from 25 December to 8 January.

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