Last night I dreamt I was the author of Lord of the Rings, I was practically Tolkein in my sleep. Then I woke up and remembered ANU is showing FREE screenings of the Lord of The Rings trilogy at their swanky new pop-up pictures.

That’s right, it’s time to get your LOTR nerd on – because face it, everyone loves a movie night snuggled up in your favourite Hobbit onesie.

The marathon will be kicking off for three weeks every Monday night at 7pm. Prepare yourself for a night filled with laughs, cries and most importantly free popcorn.

Don’t miss the event of the hobbit year! (This is really taking a troll on my brain). Alright enough puns for now, I think that’s about it … Mordor less.

Catch the trilogy on Monday 18 & 25 June, and Monday 2 July at 7pm at the ANU Pop-up Club.