The final week of GourMay has us visiting a final three venues around the Capital. Firstly, we sat back on Sunday and relaxed at First Edition while tucking into a slow-cooked lamb, then we tried a beautiful caramelle rabbit pasta from Pasticceria Amelia, and finally, we concluded our month of GourMay at Inka, with a heavenly miso-glazed toothfish and sour cocktail.

Check out our thoughts on each dish and their paired beverages, with experiences up for grabs!

First Edition

Slow Cooked Lamb Rump, Apple Radish Salad & Gravy 

Sit back amongst the warm ambience, rich wood décor and large panoramic views of the city at First Edition. Cosying up with a glass of red, tuck into their slow-cooked confit lamb rump with apple radish salad, brandy lamb gravy and fresh rosemary. Utilising diverse local ingredients to make honest-to-goodness food, the lamb is reminiscent of the perfect home-cooked meal on a cool Canberra day. Bursting with winter herbs, the hearty lamb is generously poured with warming gravy. It is then enhanced by the sweetness of the fresh apple salad, to make for a simple, well-rounded dish. 

2020 Nick O’Leary Shiraz   

First Edition says the best way to enjoy their lamb is with a glass of full-bodied Shiraz. The Nick O’Leary Shiraz is fruit-forward and is best served with hearty meats, as its elegant, silky texture with long fine tannins enhances its bold flavour.

The experience: First Edition Wine & Dine with Friends  

Dine with First Edition for dinner with a group of four or more and receive a complimentary bottle of house wine.  *Bookings of eight will receive two bottles. Get the GourMay code.


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Pasticceria Amelia

Caramelle with Rabbit, Marsala, Broad Beans & House Veal Jus 

A cosy pasta and wine bar where Nonna’s secret recipes are presented in front of diners in humble, yet flavoursome meals, Pasticceria Amelia brings authentic Italian cuisine to life. Showcasing one of their most popular pasta dishes, a beautiful row of lolly shaped pasta in a veal jus sat before us. Known as caramelle, the pasta is stuffed with rabbit, marsala and broad beans. Taking our first bite, you can immediately tell the pasta is homemade and is filled with quality ingredients, as its delicate texture melts in your mouth. A truly simple yet outstanding dish, we almost want another bowl. 

2019 Mont Mès Pinot Nero  

A dish as light and delicate as the caramelle should be paired with a classic Pinot Noir from Sicily. Well-balanced and light, the Mont Mès Pinot Nero has a gorgeous ruby red colour with tasting notes of red berries and cherries matched with soft tannins, herbs and spices.

The experience: Pasticceria Amelia Pasta & Wine  

Try Pasticceria Amelia’s delicate caramelle rabbit pasta for GourMay and receive a complimentary glass of vino. Available for the remainder of May. Get the GourMay code.


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Patagonian Toothfish with Saikyo Miso Glaze & Amazu Pickled Vegetables 

Introducing the Peruvian and Japanese meld of Nikkei cuisine to Canberra, Inka showcases a true representation of Peruvian flavours combined with Japanese techniques. Focusing heavily on seafood, the glacier 51 toothfish with saikyo miso glaze and amazu pickled vegetables is the perfect representation of the melded cuisine. Capturing the refined techniques of Japanese cooking, the fish is marinated in miso overnight, before being seared and torched to get that perfect, glossy glaze. Then, the pickled vegetables are finely sliced, adding a nice Peruvian pop of colour. 

Inka Sour 

Made with Pisco, Rhubi, lemon, lime and egg whites, the Inka Sour is paired with the toothfish to enhance its soft flavours and cut through the saltiness of the miso. Sweet, light and full of citrus, Rhubi is added not only to give it an extra touch of rhubarb sweetness but also a bold ruby-red.

The experience: Inka Express Lunch 

Want something tasty for lunch but have little time? Join Inka during the week for their $40 express lunch. Find out more.


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