Not all available men are boyfriend material. Heck, not many taken men are really boyfriend material!  

It can be hard to figure out what you’re doing at the beginning of any relationship or “dating” situation, but it’s good for all of us to have some awareness about what we want and need. Here are 9 traits we think differentiate a jerk from a boyfriend!  

  1. He Listens to You

Before you decide that your guy is boyfriend material, you should take a moment to reflect on your conversations. Does he truly listen to what you have to say? Is he present and in the moment or do you find that he’s distracted or that you’re constantly repeating yourself? When a guy is truly boyfriend material, it means he’s into you enough to place his focus on you and listen.    

  1. He Treats YouWithRespect 

On a scale from one to ten, how does your guy treat you? If he’s the type of man who’s respectful, kind, and considerate, he should be considered boyfriend material. However, if he tends to put you down, treat you with disdain, or act in a controlling or jealous manner at times, this guy doesn’t respect you and certainly isn’t worthy of you or your time.   

  1. He’s Trustworthy

For a man to be boyfriend material, he must work to earn your trust. If he’s reliable, is completely honest with you, and is open about his life and his past, he’s showing you that he wants to build a deeper connection. Being able to trust a guy with your heart is a major step, and when he’s emotionally open and available to you then you can begin to do the same.   

  1. He Brings Out the Best in You

Are you your authentic self when you’re around this guy? If you’re wondering if your man is boyfriend material, it’s important to look inward and reflect on how you act when you’re together. If you’re comfortable and able to be your true self around him not play any games, then he’s worthy. But if you’re playing a part then he’s not the one for you.  

  1. He Compromises

A guy who is boyfriend material will be willing to make certain compromises and step it up for you. Maybe he needs to start changing his communication habits or making adjustments to his schedule to fit you in. Guys who aren’t boyfriend material won’t be ready to make any changes in their lives for you and might even blame you for trying to disrupt their lifestyle.  

  1. He Will Support Your Decision

A man who is into you will never makes you feel bad about your decisions, instead they will support you and give you loads of motivation whenever you’re feeling down, overwhelmed or discouraged. And even if he doesn’t agree with you, he knows how to communicate those feelings in productive ways that encourage a two-way conversation without blame or confusing blanket statements. 

  1. He’s A Great Lover

There are all kinds of things that make a man a great lover. Being compatible lovers and understanding each other’s wants and needs is important. No matter how skilled he is, he should be open and willing to make you happy, and intimacy between the two of you should grow. A guy who’s boyfriend material is receptive to your needs and communicative about his own. 

  1. Man Who Let’s His Girl Have Her Own Space

Get a man who is not possessive about you and trusts you. A man who is boyfriend material will understand that you have a life and friends. You don’t want to feel like your man is trying to control you and everything you do. The more space and freedom he can give, the more confident he is in the relationship and the more time you’ll want to spend with him. 

  1. He Surprises You

Does your guy go out of his way to do the little things? When a man places a high priority on your happiness and finds different ways, big or small, to bring a smile to your face, he’s boyfriend material! Whether he surprises you with movie tickets, lends a helping hand to fix a tyre – going that extra mile makes you feel special and who doesn’t love that? 

  1. For you– trust in your intuition

Never underestimate the power of female intuition, it’s a powerful animal instinct built in you to protect and empower you. A smart woman will use her intelligence to support her intuition to tell her what’s best for her and if he is boyfriend material.  

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