Week 1 of GourMay has started with a bang! We saw a mushroom take on the classic steak from Monster. Authentic Italian pizza made its way to the Capital from Mama Dough. A brand-new dish turned heads at Zaab. We drooled over the sashimi at Wilma. Rizla presented the ultimate afternoon cheese & wine. Walt & Burley showed us a delightful cauliflower salad. And Bar Beirut wowed us with their slow-cooked lamb shank.

But what got us even more excited were the exclusive experiences up for grabs from each venue as part of GourMay.

Have you seen them yet? Well, here’s a recap of our first delicious week of GourMay.

Monster Kitchen & Bar

King Brown Mushroom Steak, Beurre Noisette Mash, Pak Choy, Onion & Kombu Jus 

Introducing Canberran’s to vegetarian fine dining, Monster welcomes an inspiring new dish as part of their Plant’d Hero Series. Championing ‘magnificent mushrooms’, they present a king brown mushroom steak with beurre noisette mash, pak choy and onion & kombu jus. With mushrooms sourced only 40km from Canberra, then paired with the nutty and creamy brown butter mash, charred pak choy and sweet jus, it’s the perfect vegetarian twist on the classic steak. Combining each ingredient onto your fork, the explosion of flavours makes for a warm and simple, yet elegant dish.  

Raspberry Spritz 

A unique take on a raspberry spritz, it wouldn’t be a Monster cocktail without adding a little drop of their energetic flare. Made with Monkey 47 gin, crushed fresh raspberries, lime and finished off with a hint of chamomile, its vibrancy is complete with a fresh tang. 

Experience: Plant’d Hero Series Magnificent Mushrooms

Enjoy a 5 course mushroom dinner with matching drinks at Monster Kitchen & Bar. As part of their new Plant’d Hero Series, each event will see the restaurant champion a different vegetable. On Wednesday 4 May, they celebrated ‘Magnificent Mushrooms’. 


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Mama Dough  

Prosciutto and Roquette Pizza with Grana Padano, Tomato & Fior Di Latte. 

No one quite does pizza as the Italians do. Mama Dough shares a little slice of Italy right here in the Capital through their cosy hole in the wall venue. Slinging delicious Italian pizzas out of their wood-fire daily, using only quality dough and authentic ingredients, the prosciutto and roquette pizza is on everyone’s hit list. Starting with a tomato base and finishing with shavings of Grana Padano and gooey pockets of fior di latte, it is reminiscent of a slice you’re likely to get on the streets of Rome. Coming out piping hot from the oven, with the perfect crispy crust, this is a truly unbeatable slice. 

Aperol Spritz Cocktail 

In true Italian style, pair any one of their pizzas with an Aperol Spritz. The slightly bitter cocktail with a sweet hint of orange is the perfect addition to a no-fuss casual meal.   

Experience: Mama Dough Pizza & Drink Duo

Your weeknight meal is sorted with Mama Dough! Choose any two pizzas with two Aperol Spritz cocktails and Capital Brewing Co cans for $50. Get your exclusive GourMay code here. 


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Confit Duck Curry

Melding old and new flavours of South East Asian cuisine, Zaab’s electric menu captures a truly unique Lao and Thai fusion. As the heavenly smells transport from the kitchen to the table, we are met with an exciting new dish. Confit duck five-spice and tropical curry blend with lychee, pineapple, cherry tomato and charred beans. A true explosion of flavours, the melt-in-your-mouth duck leg is married with the perfect amount of spice and rich coconut. Occasionally picking up sweet bursts of lychee, pineapple and tomato, then soaking up the remaining curry in our warm rice, this heart-warming dish will pick up your mood immediately. 


Believing a great dinner deserves an equally great drink, Zaab pairs their aromatic duck curry with an exclusive cocktail they have created as part of their partnership with Australian Cocktail Month. A variation of the classic daiquiri, ‘Jaquiri’ is full of depth, made with rich sugarcane, aromatic saffron and Brix White Rum. 

Experience: Zaab Exclusive May Cocktails 

Purchase a $20 ticket through Australian Cocktail Month and gain access to an exclusive selection of $14 alcoholic and $10 non-alcoholic cocktails from Zaab. Get your ticket here. 


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Smoked Kingfish Sashimi with Soy, Ginger & Chives 

Canberra’s newest progressive Asian restaurant Wilma has certainly turned heads with its exciting raw bar snacks and barbeque menu. The smoked kingfish sashimi is an impeccable raw starter, presented with perfectly assembled kingfish slices, each topped with Davidson plum and then drizzled with a light dressing of soy, ginger and chives on top. From watching the chefs slice the fish at the bar, to then seeing it appear in front of you, you can taste the simplicity of the dish as they let the kingfish speak for itself. As you enjoy each delicate mouthful with that burst of flavour, it only gets you more excited for what is yet to come. 

Raspberry Frapple  

Showcasing an experimental Asian inspired cocktail menu, expect plenty of refreshing options to sip amongst the punchy and powerful dishes of the dining menu. The raspberry frapple complete with lime, apple and Grainshaker vodka is epic. It’s made ice-cold, sweet and refreshing, championing a beautifully bold red. 

Experience: Wilmas Packed Lunch 

Free up your Friday, leave your packed lunch at home, pack into Wilma and they’ll pack you up with unlimited* dishes from the restaurant menu, as well as free-flowing ice-cold Asahi lager, wines from Brindabella hills or soft drinks if work is not done for the day. Book now.


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Rizla Signature Cheeseboard

An undeniable Rizla signature and a true crowd-pleaser. Their cheeseboard starts with three international and local cheeses, fruits, pastes, olives, and nuts, then paired with crunchy lavosh and bread. Perfect for Sunday sessions or after-work nibbles with a great wine, you’ll find slight changes and new additions each time you stop by as they utilise what’s in season. Presenting a combination of creamy, nutty, and sweet flavours with each bite, you really can’t go wrong.  

Lark Hill 2021 Riesling 

It wouldn’t be a visit to Rizla without a wine, and better yet, a Riesling. Championing an incredible wine list from some of the very best international regions to our very own Canberra wine district, the Lark Hill Riesling is a very versatile wine. Refreshing on the palate with flavour notes of lemon and lime, it acts as the perfect pairing to the delectable cheeseboard. 

Experience: Rizla Signature Arvo Experience 

Enjoy an afternoon with Rizla and taste some of their signature menu items including:

  • Cheese board featuring 3 international and domestic cheeses, fruits, lavosh, breads, pastes, olives, and nuts
  • Parmesan fries
  • Lemon pepper crumbed chicken dippers with chimichurri
  • Bottle of Canberra Riesling or Shiraz

Book now. 


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Walt + Burley

Cauliflower Shawarma Salad

A relaxing lunch overlooking our beautiful lakeside is best spent at Walt & Burley. Attracting locals to stop by after their bridge-to-bridge walk, their new cauliflower shawarma salad is the perfect light lunch. Served with grains, maple marinated kale, cashews and turmeric aioli with the option of added grilled chicken or roasted salmon, this salad will leave you feeling satisfied. The roasted cauliflower is crispy on the outside, delicate on the inside and lends itself perfectly to the exotic flavours which meld together and create a harmonious dish.

Lark Hill 2021 Riesling

The fail-safe and locally loved Lark Hill Riesling is a great addition to a sunny lunch by the lake. The refreshing citrus profiles tie in nicely with the punchy spice blend of the fresh salad.

Experience: Cheese and Cocktail Degustation 

Enjoy a delectable cheese platter and a cocktail tasting experience including: 

  • Double Brie, Gippsland Blue, Maffra Cheddar, Grilled Bread, Local Honey, Muscatels and Lavosh
  • Cocktail tasters Midwinter Negroni, Tommy’s Elderbrother, Amaretto Sour and Espresso Martini

Book now.


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Bar Beirut  

Braised Lamb Shank with Cashew Tarator

Experience the exciting atmosphere and buzzing nightlife of the Middle East at Bar Beirut. Championing well-known favourites and reimagined traditional Lebanese and Levantine dishes, the braised lamb shank with cashew tarator is a stunning example of the punchy, earthy and exotic flavours you’ll find in Middle Eastern cuisine. Placing a 10 hour braised shank on a creamy bed of salt-baked sweet potato and date mash, topped with fried curry leaves, you bet this hearty dish is melt-in-your-mouth food for the soul.

2019 Chateau Musar Jeune Red

Sourced from one of the world’s finest wine regions in Lebanon, Bar Beirut proudly showcases their passion for incredible Lebanon wines. The Chateau Musar Jeune Red is an unoaked blend of Cinsault, Syrah and Cabernet Sauvignon. Silky in texture and aromatic, picking up hints of blackcurrant, raspberry and cherry jam, the flavours are warm with a spice finish, echoing the meaty character of the lamb.

Experience: Belly Dancing & Burlesque Nights

Have a wicked weeknight with Belly Dancing & Burlesque at Bar Beirut.

Off-peak parties are a thing at Bar Beirut with belly dance and burlesque performances every Wednesday. And for the month of May, they’re extending their school night shenanigans to include special performances on Thursday nights too. Check out the offer.


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