While other parts of the world are still trying to figure out who is Victoria and what her secret is. Canberran’s have been obsessed with Su and why do they say she’s lazy when there is such a short wait time on food? Originally a night time hot spot for lovers of modern Asian cuisine Lazy Su situated on Lonsdale Street in Braddon has recently turned its eyes on the brunch market, you can thank the gays for making brunch a thing (you’re welcome). As bottomless brunches are popping up all over Canberra Lazy Su sets itself apart from the rest with a great price point of $39 per person for a 90 minute sitting and offering twists on Breakfast classics, such as Eggs Benedict and don’t worry you can still get their famous Wagu Cheesesteak Spring Rolls at brunch too.

A quick review of why The Boozy Brunch at Lazy Su is the T.

Bacon & Egg Bao

Crispy bacon with big mac sauce on bao with sunny side up eggs, served with a side of potato gems. If your mouth isn’t watering you haven’t had enough Momo Mimosa yet.

Big Breakfast Bibimbap

Galbi short rib served with the creamiest scrambled eggs over rice. For a more sophisticated taste pallet if potato gems aren’t your thing. Paired perfectly with the Apple & Watermelon Froze’. Froze’ for those of you still living indoors after winter is frozen rose’. One of the most refreshing drinks a gal can have over summer.

Salmon Heirloom Salad

Fairly simple in its approach, the confit salmon mixed with tomatoes, baby spinach is topped with a yuzu dressing is a enjoyable light brunch option that doesn’t disappoint on the taste scale. Perfect if you’re saving room for a third Espresso Martini.

Pumpkin & Walnut Dumplings

You can’t be the only snack sitting at Lazy Su, so go ahead and treat yourself to the dumplings. The pumpkin and walnut complement each other in such a way you definitely won’t regret ordering a little something extra. When it comes to taste these were one of the most delicious items on the menu.

Kim Chi Eggs Benedict

You can’t beat a classic but you sure cans hake it up. Soft poached eggs severed on sourdough as per your usual; hold tight for that Kim Chi Hollandaise sauce. This is where Lazy Su really sets itself apart. The taste is electric and welcome divergence from the same old-same old you might be used to. As if the eggs weren’t enough it comes with a side of bacon.

If you’ve never been to Lazy Su before or you’re just in it for the bottomless cocktails you have to order one of their Wagu Cheesesteak Spring rolls. Just do it and send my thank you mail for changing your life; care of Out In Canberra.