With so many new and exciting venues popping up all over Canberra, we have a great range of options for a bite to eat no matter the occasion. This week we shine the spotlight on a new burger joint with an unexpected twist, set to open its doors in early July on Genge Street in Civic.

If you have been walking around the CBD of late, then you have probably noticed the bright pink signage of Mookie – that is sure to have peaked your interest! To get the full scoop we sat down with Managing Director Jaye Min to get all the juicy info on what to expect from the new eatery.

What will Mookie offer to Canberrans?

Well, Mookie is an American burger joint with a bit of Japanese twist.

Over the past year, we have spent lots of time in Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York and Tokyo to develop this concept – it’s really taking off over there. As such, Mookie will host a healthy range of burgers, fries, shakes and frozen custards.

The restaurant itself will have a more up-market look and feel than what is currently in the Canberra market. To make sure we achieve this we have enlisted the skills of an interior designer with an amazing portfolio who will ensure that this concept is well-captured and the restaurant is unlike anything else you’ve seen before in Canberra. 

So, what does ‘Mookie’ mean?  

To us Mookie means serious burgers, it means fashionable and on-trend. But overall, Mookie means good vibes! 

What can you tell us about the menu? 

Well, we don’t want to give too much away. But, imagine a secret sauce that is so good that if you put it on your hand you would actually eat your hand!

The food will be prepared and pitched as a healthier option than those currently on the market to reflect Canberra’s increasingly health-conscious culture. There will be a strong focus on fresh, natural ingredients and a shift away from unnatural ingredients that have become common in most other burger joints.

The menu will be a combination of ‘the classics’ and ‘old favourites’, such as the New York-style beef burger, and of course, new flavours never before seen in Canberra, such as Japan’s tofu burger and entirely new creations.

The ingredients will be sourced from local suppliers where possible and the business will be presented as a genuine local, operating in harmony and in support of other local businesses including sponsorship of local grass-roots organisations and we will have an active involvement in community events.

What type of vibe are you hoping to achieve with Mookie? 

We want Mookie to be a gathering place in the community, a burger shop with a finer dining experience and futuristic interior.


Keep this one on your radar Canberra – opening early July 2017.


28 Genge Street, Canberra City

Coming soon…