Looking for an alternate to coffee or a hot chocolate? If you haven’t already tried chai, now is the time with Canberra’s winter days upon us. Chai is a healthy uplifting drink filled with aromatic spices such as cinnamon and cardamom, and will leave you feeling all warm ‘n’ fuzzy. No matter if you like traditional milk infused chai or something with a little twist, one of these cafes we have found will have you sipping on happiness.

Teddy Pickers

Sourcing their chai from a local supplier Tea Garden Co, this cafe is serving Vermont Chai, spicy and bursting with sweetness of maple and would go down perfectly with a sneaky donut from their selection from Three Mills Bakery.

Marvie & Wolfe

This small city cafe is serving up Real Chai, made with nothing artificial and bursting with spices. Have it warm or cold…or even add ice-cream if you want your chai extra cool and creamy.

Cupping Room

Select from two types of chai. Popular Real Chai or Masala Chai, made from black tea and a mixture of aromatic spices and herbs. This cafe has options available to suit all your dietary requirements including Bonsoy Milk.

Two Before Ten

Try their earthy house chai with hints of cinnamon and nutmeg. Choose to have it with milk or hot water and enjoy a freshly made muffin alongside.

Sweet Bones

For the non-dairy people out there this cafe knows vegan food best. Their chai is made on soy milk but is just as creamy as normal milk. Choose from their all vegan sweet treats to have with your beautifully smelling cup of chai.