Congratulations Canberra! We have officially reached 95% double-vaxxed for those who are eligible – the highest in the country!

With further restrictions set to ease on November 26, our great work following restrictions and pulling up our sleeves to get vaccinated has now prompted the ACT Government to discuss moving forward that date, with an announcement expected this week. This is great news for the hospitality industry as many of the changes will mean working conditions will dramatically improve and hopefully resume to normal trading as soon as possible.

“It is a credit to the ACT Government and our community that we have achieved such a high level of vaccinations at such a pace. Canberrans are ready to return to a more normal lifestyle, and our industry is ready and waiting to serve them,” said CEO of ClubsACT, Craig Shannon.

“Given the high vaccinations rates we have achieved, and earlier than expected, we urge the ACT Government to consider bringing forward the further removal of restrictive venue density limits at the earliest opportunity.”

“The hospitality industry has now endured 18 months of density restrictions. It’s time these capacity restrictions are removed so that life can go back to normal. What are we waiting for?” Said Australian Hotels Association General Manager, Anthony Brierley.

Expected changes include increasing indoor density limits from 1 per 4 square meters to 1 per 2 square meters, same as outdoors, and resuming eating and drinking while standing and dancing.

“As we head into the Christmas holiday period Canberra is ready to open up and embrace the new freedoms that high vaccination numbers should bring. Our members are more than ready to fully serve the community and help bring a little relaxation and fun back into the lives of those who have sacrificed so much,” said Mr Shannon.