Sydney-based contemporary artist, Joan Ross has joined forces with Enlighten to create a vivid animation that explores and explodes the National Gallery of Australia.

Presenting her largest work to date for the Enlighten Festival 2021, ‘Collector’s Paradise’ will ask you to think about museums as places to keep, acquire and classify objects.

“I feel we are holding on to some very strong colonial views without actually realising how entrenched they are – so, that made me want to collapse the whole museum,” says Joan.

Working across a range of mediums, Joan’s work investigates the legacy of colonialism in Australia, particularly the effects it had on Indigenous Australians.

The piece is also a part of the gender equity initiative; Know My Name projects that celebrates all women artists by the NGA and in partnership with Events ACT.

‘Collector’s Paradise’ will run from 26 February to 8 March 2021 at the Enlighten Alley during two sessions. Register for free here.