Taking your mind on a deeply hypnotic simulation journey, two of Darkfield’s multi-sensory audio experiences are in town from 28 March to 21 April in Civic Square.

Challenging the senses and exploring the depths of human psychology and perception, ‘Séance’ and ‘Flight’ will run inside a purpose-built shipping container for 25 minutes.

With 360-degree sound, sensory deprivation and sensory effects, the audience is placed at the centre of a narrative completely at odds with the space it occupies.

In ‘Séance’, audiences will question not just their beliefs but also their senses, as they are engulfed in darkness. Combining the concepts of a traditional séance using clever sound technology and sensory deprivation, your perception and reality will be challenged.

Meanwhile ‘Flight’ will take audiences on an unsettling journey in the unlikely event of a sudden loss of cabin pressure with alternative scenarios provided before your final destination.

To book your Darkfield experience visit the Canberra Theatre’s website.