Canberrans can get a sneak peak of the Commonwealth Games, thanks to The Royal Australian Mint’s public display of the GC2018 medals.

You may not know it but the Commonwealth Games medals have been made right here in Canberra, with the Mint as the official producer.

It’s a big job that actually began in November 2016.  The Mint is creating 1500 medals for the Gold Coast Games, with each one individually handled and inspected.  The medals will be handed out at 275 ceremonies during the 2018 games, with the highest number of medals being awarded in swimming (240) and athletics (237).

As a sponsor of the Games, the Mint has also produced circulating and commemorative coins to mark the occasion.

The GC2018 Commonwealth Games medals will be on display at the Mint from Monday 26 March until the end of April 2018.