We’re celebrating International Burger Day a little bit differently this year.

Are you adventurous when it comes to trying burgers or do you always steer for your favourite? Well, this Saturday we encourage everyone, even those creatures of habit, to order something different, go out of your comfort zone and try a not so average burger for International Burger Day. Because, why not?

These wacky combinations might puzzle you at first, but somehow, they just work.

The Parmy – Grease Monkey

Grease Monkey is no stranger to creating unusual burger combinations, especially when it comes to their burger specials. However, a permanent Greasy classic that is sure to be new to your tastebuds is The Parmy. Made with chicken schnitzel, lettuce, streaky bacon, mozzarella sticks, aioli and Napoli sauce, it’s cheesy, saucy and delicious!


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Korean Spicy Chicken Bao-ger – Baby Su

An Asian fusion take on a burger, Baby Su’s famous bao-gers are out-of-this-world. Made with a bao bun and filled with Asian inspired flavours, try the Korean spicy chicken with gochujang glaze, cheese, lettuce and teriyaki mayo.


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Mookie Sakura – Mookie Burger  

Putting a Japanese spin on American burgers, Mookie’s Sakura is half sushi half burger. Made with a nori rice bun, it is filled with wagyu, American cheese, lettuce, tomato, onion, Portuguese jam and Sakura aioli.


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Noosa Classic Surf – Betty’s Burgers

Paying homage to its original stomping grounds, Betty’s Burger champions a surf and turf style burger. The Noosa Classic Surf is a typical beef burger with the addition of lightly battered prawns.


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Fregan Burger – Fricken

For our vegan friends, you may have had a Beyond Meat patty, but have you had a crispy fried cauliflower fillet in between your bun? Fricken Fried Chicken combines this veggie goodie with vegan cheese, garlic aioli, sriracha mayo and a vegan bun with lettuce, slaw and pickles.


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Mac & Cheese Royale – Pattysmiths

Doing as the Americans do, Pattysmiths adds mac & cheese to a beef burger to make the Mac & Cheese Royale. Frying the mac and cheese katsu style, it’s sealed until you take your first, cheesy bite.


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Brod Salmon – Brodburger 

A long-standing Brodurger classic, the brod salmon is certainly unusual but is nonetheless delicious. Made with a grilled salmon fillet, the perfect homemade aioli, tomato relish, lettuce, tomato and Spanish onion, it just works.  


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Hail Caesar – Milky Lane

Fan of a Caesar salad? How about in a burger? If you follow Milky Lane on socials, the Hail Caesar would come as no surprise to you. Made with chicken schnitzel, a deep-fried mozzarella pattie, fried egg, Caesar salad with cheesy garlic croutons and crispy bacon pieces, this is a truly outrageous burger combination.


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