Winter is coming and that means we can use the morning frost as an excuse to tuck into juicy burgers as an alternative to heating.

If you have an intolerance to salad or just need a hearty pick me up, get ready to tie your hair back, pull up your sleeves and fill up to the brim with our list of burgers.

Grease Monkey

The old mechanics garage in Braddon is home to the kind of burgers that have you salivating at the name. The Greasy burger is always a hit with the classic cheeseburger combo and juicy pickles or the Nimbin with crumbed Portobello mushroom is another crowd favourite. Hot tip: always order a side of greasy sauce to drown your chippies.

Young and Frisky

You know a place that is famous for their fried chicken and whisky is going to hit the spot. The gastro pub in Gungahlin has a casual and energetic dining vibe with American-style burgers just the way we like it. Tuck into a succulent chicken, beef burger or steak sandwich, or a favourite for vegetarians is the southern fried tofu burger. The burgers are all served on a white butter bun or Turkish bread and are served with chippies coated with the flavourful Frisky shake.


Located on the Kingston Foreshore and in Capital Brewing Co Fyshwick, Brod is undoubtedly familiar to locals and home to some of Canberra’s most legendary burgers to jam your face into. There’s something about the soft chewy bun, the juicy fillings and the optimal amount of sauce that no one can get enough of. If you’re a chicken burg fan, try the Piri Piri or meat lovers, the Deluxe is everything. Sit back with a lake view and a tinnie and you’re set.

Bad Betti’s

After divorcing with her significant other, Mr Bravo, Betti switched up her Spanish tapas bar for a bad girls’ burger joint. Get your hands dirty when you eat here, Betti offers Caribbean-Style burgers with names such as ‘Sleazy Cheesy’, Betti’s got Beef’, and ‘Jerk on buns’, all packed with flavour and bad to the bone.  A personal favourite is the ‘Nacho’s Anymore’, think a Mexican fiesta in a burger – corn chips included.

Lazy Su

The Japanese dining experience even has your burger craving sorted with Bao-gers. If you’re a sucker for a steamed bao bun then trying it in burger form is a must. They have 3 options, a Pork Belly Bao with soy braised pork belly, herb salad, pickled cucumber and hoi sin. The Buttermilk Fried Chicken with peanut sauce and American cheese and Jackfruit with bulgogi sauce and vegan Asian slaw. The hardest part is deciding which one to get.


It’s easy to be overwhelmed with food envy when scrolling through their monstrously stacked burgers on insta but wait until you try them. Build your own or try from their range of classic burgers, spicy, vegan or if you’re game; the freak burgers. You can find fillings such as ramen crusted chicken, onion rings, jalapeno poppers and vanilla glazed donuts?! Oh, and they have crunchy waffle fries.


The Americano-Japanese burger joint is a place that fulfils every comfort food need. A whole lot of heavy breathing comes to play when the Shroom burgers with cheese patties and pork belly burgers with crackling are involved. This article may be about burgers but make your life complete with loaded maple bacon fries and frozen custard.

Sweet Bones

A vegan café in Braddon with ‘no frills’ wholefoods has a notable burger that can be enjoyed by anyone vegan or not. Sweet Bones has a South x South West Burger stacked with all the goods – house-made spicy kidney beans and brown rice with lettuce, tomato, onion, avo and house-made chipotle aioli. A lighter alternative to a greasy burger that is equally as satisfying.

An abundance of special sauces, and burgers with every kind of filling, we know what we’ll be doing this hibernation season.