Local Canberra model Emily Dibden took to Facebook on Sunday afternoon to announce her excitement about staring on The Bachelor Australia 2018.

“Words can’t describe how excited I am to be on this years The Bachelor Australia. Make sure you don’t miss the first episode this Wednesday @ 7.30 on TEN. It’s going to be a cracker.”

Whether you’re in a happy relationship, a hopeless romantic or single AF, it’s the reality show gossip that sweeps the office lunch room, if you don’t know about it you’re seriously missing out. With this year’s Bachelor being Rugby Union star and social comedian Nick Cummins, aka The Honey Badger, we expect nothing but quality viewing.

We chatted to Emily before her 7.30pm debut on Ten this Wednesday 15 August.

Was there a turning point in your dating life where you thought F -it I’m applying or was it initially for a bit of fun?

I did have a fairly significant turning point – my last serious relationship. I thought I found the love of my life, I was ready to take the next step, but after moving overseas to peruse it, it didn’t work out and it was devastating. I spent a full year trying to get back out there with no luck, and then it clicked I had to give it [The Bachelor] a go.

How would you best describe your dating life pre Bachelor?

Not bad, I’ve never had terrible dates and I enjoy meeting new people and giving people a go. I guess I just haven’t found the one, someone on the same page with values and ready to settle down.

What do you think of the local dating scene?

The Canberra dating scene is small. I’m a proud Canberra girl, I love it, but the one difficulty is Canberra is so small – everyone knows everyone – which isn’t a bad thing but it is limited.

The big question…are you looking for love?

Yes! 100%, none us girls has any idea who the bachelor would be, we went in blind assuming he would be a great guy as all the others have been amazing.

Can you tell us a bit about the audition process?

I saw an ad on TV and thought ‘OMG I have got to give it a go’. I am lucky to have supportive friends and family who encouraged it. It is a cool experience to put yourself out there. I applied online so early that after a huge wait time, assumed I hadn’t made it. When I got the call I was ecstatic and definitely wasn’t expecting it.

What was your first impression of Nick?

I had heard of him before; I remember vaguely seeing a few videos of his funny commentary. My first impression was that I noticed he had a calming presence, really gorgeous kind eyes and he made me feel comfortable.

How does being on The Bachelor differ to your regular CBR life?

I teach ballet at National Capital Ballet in Woden and work part time with my Dad at Tree Top Tree Services doing Arboriculture. I like staying fit and being physical. I have also done a little modelling after getting a ballet injury I got into Latin dancing, grew a booty and thanks to my height got into some modelling.

Does your background in dancing on stage and modelling give you confidence behind The Bachelor cameras?

I’m generally pretty confident but it definitely helped. I guess nothing can prepare you for The Bachelor Mansion, there are moments that are intense. The glitz and glam of getting dressed up in a ball gown was my favourite. Though basically with any new experience comes challenges. The Bachelor plays close to yourself because it involves expressing feelings and love, I felt challenged.

Did you get along with the other contestants?

The beauty of the show is that you have 25 girls all completely different from walks of life. And everyone one of them is stunning. I made friends with everyone, it was the most enjoyable part of the series. We are in the same boat so obviously there is going to be some drama – but generally, I loved it.