Canberra’s own BentSpoke Brewery Co is hitting Sydney tonight at a special pop-up event in an abandoned heritage home.

Dan Murphy’s have unveiled the House of Discovery, turning the old house into a drink lover’s paradise, with rooms dedicated to teaching punters how to mix cocktails, savour tequila and try food specially paired with drinks.

BentsSpoke feature in a few of the rooms, including the local room which plays on the trend that consumers are enjoying Aussie producers more than ever.

BentSpoke will also feature in another section of the house in the “drink first, food second” room, which plays on the trend that consumers more than ever are placing more focus on their drink and choosing a food selection after.

At the event, their Barely Griffin Pale Ale and nori salted dusted fried squid will be paired together to bring the trend to life.

The House of Discovery has been built to celebrate the drink trends of 2018 with Dan Murphy’s. The abandoned heritage house has been decked out with installations reflecting the recent trends and habits in drinking.

The House of Discovery is open from Thursday 8 March to Saturday 10 March, at 48 Kensington St, Chippendale.