On Monday, Italian wine bar and restaurant Brunello announced on social media they were closing their doors, following a ‘well-known’ Canberra and Sydney restaurant group purchasing the space.

“Brunello has been a successful proof of concept for a world-class Italian Wine Bar in the Canberra City. Brunello has quickly become a Canberran staple, and we are so grateful for everyone who joined us on the journey,” they said in the post.

With word that preparations are already underway, owner of Inka and Koto, Adam Elchakak, has announced via Instagram he will be starting his next Canberra venture in the City Walk space.

Incoming Azima – a Middle Eastern restaurant where authentic and traditional flavours of Lebanese cuisine are met with a modern twist. At the helm of world-renowned Arabic chef Ala Bin Ali, the opening date is expected to drop soon.

While Brunello’s last service will be on the 19th of May, owners say they won’t be going anywhere, turning their focus to new ventures in the capital.