Betti is back, but not without a bad attitude; after the shock closure of the Kingston Foreshore restaurant Betti Bravo’s, the venue is reopening today as a bad gal burger joint – Bad Betti. Over the weekend Betti threw a ‘Divorce Party’ to celebrate dropping the Bravo from her name. Guests who attended the Divorce Party wondered why Betti had vandalised her wedding dress with graffiti to which read ‘take him for half’ – however now it all makes sense.

Opening today (Wednesday 14 November) Betti is launching her new menu to the public with a special offer.

Betti took Mr.Bravo for HALF, now burgers are her other HALF, to celebrate her successful divorce she’s giving you burgers for HALF price. (until Friday 16 Nov 5pm). 

Bad Betti is an evolved venue with a new mantra Break Hearts. Eat Burgers.’ Betti has released a spicy list of menu items to get you through any bad breakup. Four Caribbean burgers are on  the hit-list, including ‘sleazy cheesy,’ ‘Betti’s got beef,’ ‘Jerk on buns,’ & ‘Nacho’s anymore.’ Since going bad to the bone, Betti isn’t afraid to get her hands a little greasy with her new ‘Freakin’ fried jerk chicken.’

If you missed the public divorce see it here.