This is sure to ruffle some feathers; after the shock closure of the Kingston Foreshore restaurant Betti Bravo’s, the venue is reopening tomorrow night with a Divorce Party.

Ahead of the offical launch of the new kitchen Wednesday 14 November, the first 100 people to register below will be invited to the Bad Betti Divorce Party tomorrow night. Sample bites of the new menu, free from 6-8pm with roving sliders and tasty t’ings, then stay on for drinks and celebrate Betti dropping the Bravo from her name.

We got in touch with Betti to ask about the future of Betti Bravos to which she replied, “Mr Bravo and myself didn’t share any kids, or even pets. He took the Benz, so I took the business.”

It appears that while the venue is making a comeback, the Bravo name has been crossed out and so has his share plate legacy. Yesterday it was announced that the restaurant is back with vengeance – and also a new name BAD BETTI.

Betti gets what Betti wants, and turns out she wanted a bad gal burger joint. Betti has completely flipped his legacy on its head. Keeping in line her heritage, Betti is back and bad to the bone with Caribbean-style burgers and other tasty t’ings.

Bad Betti is an evolved venue with a new mantra Break Hearts. Eat Burgers.’

If you missed all the public split here it is:

Sorry! We already received over 100 registrations for the Bad Betti Divorce Party tomorrow night. If you missed out, Bad Betti”s will be open for full service come Wednesday 14 November.