From the creamiest salmon sashimi and warming ramen to the highest quality sushi rolls and rich wagyu, these are Canberra’s best Japanese restaurants right now.


No surprises here. Time and time again we find ourselves dining at Raku for their unbelievable oysters, sashimi platters, maki rolls, wagyu and yakitori…just to name a few. With a seafood-heavy menu and a talented sushi team creating your favourite rolls and nigiri right in front of you, taste the refined, high-quality and freshness of Japanese cuisine.


Pushing the boundaries and offering a unique, traditional Japanese dining experience to Canberra, if you haven’t already, Mu is definitely worth the visit. Offering ‘Omakase’ style dining, meaning ‘I leave it up to you’, let the talented chefs present to you a range of 10 or more dishes that boast the freshest fish, local seasonal produce and high-quality meat.


Mastering the meld of Japanese techniques and Peruvian flavours, see how Japanese cooking is presented at Inka. With a colourful array of maki rolls, sashimi and nigiri, Inka perfectly captures the spirit of Japanese fine dining.


KOTO’s all-encompassing Japanese dining experience showcases a menu that combines Japanese art with fresh Australian ingredients. Located in the revitalised Lobby Building, with a killer sushi bar, moody interiors and dishes that all strive to achieve harmony, you should be asking yourself, are we booking this weekend?


Often claimed by locals as Canberra’s best ramen, Ramen O has you guessed it…a lot of ramen. From their signature pork and soy broth to four levels of spicy ramen, get the perfect bowl of the Japanese winter warmer.


Exploring traditional Japanese dishes fused with modern Australian flavour, Inari is one of the signature restaurants of the Canberra Centre’s Tiger Lane precinct. The menu is centred around locally sourced seafood, in particular sashimi and maki rolls, and includes hero dishes such as tuna tataki, chef’s selection sushi platter and the INARI Rock ‘n’ Roll maki. A really great lunch spot as well as dinner, the menu also features bento boxes that are jam-packed with all the good stuff, including your choice of chicken, pork or salmon with tempura vegetables, salad, rice and miso soup. Sake is also encouraged, with an extensive range, including sake flights, poured the traditional way.


A part of the Canberra Centre’s Asian-inspired hawker hall, Tiger Lane, Taki focuses on elevated hotpots and Yakiniku cooked over charcoals. For the Shabu Shabu hotpots, enjoy a range of different options from vegetarian, seafood and wagyu all paired with fresh in-house broth and individual seasoning and sauces for dipping. Meanwhile, on the other side, the Yakiniku BBQ fires up the highest quality wagyu, seafood and vegetables.


Serving a beautiful and colourful array of sushi rolls and platters to hungry Canberrans on their lunch break, Rice & Nori specialises in creating unique sushi rolls and nigiri. With a menu based on the Japanese philosophy of using seasonal ingredients, create your own personalised roll or enjoy a variety of pre-made fresh boxes.


Located in the suburb of Campbell, Maji offers a taste of traditional Japanese cuisine. From udon noodles, okonomiyaki pancakes, tempura, grilled fish, and stunning omakase sushi and nigiri boats, you’ll be spoilt for choice.


Offering warming ramen and Japanese curry, Tenkomori’s vibrant restaurant is perfect for weeknight dinners or lunchtime meals. With a huge ramen menu to suit every preference and a unique selection of rice bowls and curry, feel as though you’re in the heart of Japan.

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