Have your last chance to enjoy a cocktail and dance at Civic’s Beirut Bunker Bar, during its final two weeks.

After the major impact COVID-19 has had hospitality businesses, owners decided it was time to close its doors…But not forever. Although we say goodbye to Beirut Bunker Bar on Monday 23 August, the bar will relaunch as the revamped ‘Bar Beirut’ later in the year.

“When we launched Beirut Bunker Bar back in June 2011, the world was a very different place. Since COVID, it has become clear we need to diversify our service offering to futureproof our business,” says co-owner, Soumi Tannous.

“While hospitality businesses around us turned to takeaway food delivery when we entered the nine-week lockdown in April 2020, we were limited to just cocktails. It was an incredibly stressful time for our family, as the bar is our sole source of income.”

Soumi and his wife and co-owner Chantelle have engaged creative powerhouse Kelly Ross and her team to completely refurbish the interior. This includes the addition of a brand-new kitchen which promises to excite and delight punters with a modern take on Middle Eastern-Mediterranean cuisine. However, Soumi assures us the Beirut vibes and lip-smacking cocktails are very much here to stay.

“Our parities have become legendary around town. Some of our regulars have expressed concern that we’re turning into a restaurant. We are still very much a bar, the party remains, but it will now be complemented with food and fancier furniture,” he says.

To get the latest info on the bar’s reopening, head to Beirut Bunker Bar’s website. AND of course don’t forget to visit the original bar one final time.