In a digital world where we obsess over beauty influencers, Australian Capital Training Institute (ACTI) has developed a program to ensure you will have the cutting-edge skills to stand out from a crowd and be the beauty boss!

Located at 26 Mort Street Braddon, ACTI delivers modern training courses in beauty, business and IPL/Laser.

In a competitive industry, Borka Buseska (CEO) and Elise Birchall (Director) are fed up with perceptions that a career in beauty is as basic as a Brazilian wax. The beauty industry is booming and ACTI wants their students to boom with it.

In Borka’s experience owning Laser Clinic Australia stores, she noticed a gap in the market, where her staff are highly talented but lacked the skills needed to work in a clinical environment.  In addition, information about career paths within the industry are not so apparent and ACTI offer leadership and management skills for individuals who want to progress.  It is through her observation that has lead to the idea of opening a place where she could foster students in the beauty industry to become leaders.

“My experience is that some people think that beauty is low-skill and I want to change that perception.  ACTI will include training in soft skills such as communicating with influence and conflict resolution – these skills will be the tools they need to survive in the workforce.  Beauty Therapists are beyond just providing treatments they are counsellors, confidants and problem solvers.” says Borka.

Her approach is to teach practically with state of the art technology and theoretical using technical tools where possible and appropriate. Leadership and management will be taught in a lecture room with smart TVs, and the recreational areas will be equipped with interactive learning tools to help students revise and to compliment theoretical teachings.

There is a high level focus on working with industry leaders, connecting with dermal therapists and business entrepreneurs such as Julie Piantadosi, whose invaluable insight into the hair and beauty industry is transforming salons the world over. Borka says, the teaching staff are constantly in tune with social media to stay abreast and uncover areas that students need to skill into. Connecting with influencers is also an ACTI strategy to keep their students interested and motivated.

While traditional beauty schools are creating students to be job ready in spa work environments, her aim is to provide a curriculum which allows students to up skill and guarantee a career ready future in either a spa or clinic environment.

In doing so, ACTI will deliver not only the traditional curriculum such as massage and makeup but also have advanced courses including laser, chemical peels and micro dermabrasion, to ensure their practices are recognised beyond the basics. The practical teaching at ACTI is unsurpassed. Students will be hands-on with laser and IPL hair removal, pigmentation correction, vascular, and rejuvenation.

“It’s about understanding skin biology,” Borka says. “Most people’s perception of beauty is vanity, makeup and looking good. That is one element but at ACTI it’s more about dermal science, correcting skin conditions and making people feel fabulous!”

Initially short teaser courses will be available on skin health and laser for people to get a feel of what ACTI are about. Following that will be full time study options and salon experience classes which have been made adaptable to suit interested parties offering full-time, part-time and night courses.

Borka has provided a teaching environment to make international students feel welcome including kitchens and laundry areas. The ACTI staff fit the business mantra of ‘Bold Vision,’ with proficiencies in dermal science, beauty therapy, business management, IT and marketing. Most importantly they are there to help students apply their passion in a way that shapes their future.

For information or to apply for a course visit, or email [email protected]