Unique to the political capital, Australian Dance Party is Canberra’s newest contemporary dance and multi- arts performance company, led by the vision of choreographer and performer, Alison Plevey.

Like a political party, the company challenges audiences to actively think, question ideals and debate current issues – all with a necessary playfulness in the hope that it will re-ignite the vibrant professional dance scene that once existed in the capital.

On August 25 to 27, ADP presents its debut work, Strings Attached. Creatively staged in a NewActon pop-up theatre, the Nishi Playhouse will play host to the work developed in collaboration between six Canberra Symphony Orchestra musicians and four dancers – Plevey herself, Liz Lea, Janine Proost and Gabriel Comerford – all on stage together for a one-of-a-kind performance.

Strings Attached investigates the intimate and ancient connection between dance and music over time, from pre-language through to classical and modern including swing and electronic. The show emphasises the changing role these arts play in society and how they have encouraged self-reflection in a variety of situations and spaces.

The Nishi Playhouse will be transformed into an immersive space, with The party dressing it up with vintage furniture, soft furnishings, adding a wine bar courtesy of Monster Kitchen & Bar, special dance flooring and a stunning art installation by artist Victoria Lees.

Through creative collaboration, ADP develops adventurous performance projects that engage diverse Canberra performers, thinkers and experts moving across site-specific and theatrical venues. It is a non-for-profit arts organisation with a philosophy and praxis emphasising the importance of dance and arts in the wider experience of the world.

“We are different in that we want to engage with non-arts sectors. We believe that the arts, and dance is not siloed from society,” Plevey explains.

“The party seeks to find ways where dance can feature more prominently in our experiences, be valued and therefore sustained as important to our society.”
As Canberra’s cultural scene continues to grow, there has been no better time for ADP to launch.

“Every major city in Australia has at least one professional dance company active in contributing to artistic life. Canberra is ready to speak out with our own strong dancing voice – to not just be consumers, but creators,” Plevey says.

Strings Attached

Presented by Australian Dance Party and Canberra Symphony Orchestra.
Location: Nishi Playhouse, 2 Philip Law Street, New Acton.
Date: August 25-27, 8 pm
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