Locals have been doing an incredible job raising money for the farmers nationally. The hospitality industry has got around Parma For a Farmer, raising our forks for the Buy a Bale Campaign to help feed livestock during the drought.

Sadly, closer to home in Canberra’s surrounding region, Booyong Alpaca’s (10 minutes from Goulburn) is mourning the loss of two furry friends. As pastures continue to dry up owners Keith and Faye have been working overtime hand feeding all 200 alpacas to ensure they survive the harsh conditions.

“Alpacas are very good at masking their pain, they can appear completely fine and die a few hours later,” Faye says. “We are constantly having to assess their body score and give those falling below the line extra attention.”

While the drought it a hot topic at the moment, Faye says they have been struggling since the start of the year which is now showing in the births of baby alpacas.

“We have half a dozen babies around the house because their mothers aren’t lactating and they need to be supplementary fed. After giving birth and trying to produce milk the mothers don’t even have the energy to walk around and source their own food.”

Neighbouring properties have allowed the alpacas to agist (a term given when livestock is taken in for payment) until the rain starts to pour and the Booyong farm can rely on its own turf for feeding again.

In a bid to raise money and awareness of the harsh conditions, Booyong Alpaca’s is opening their gates to the Canberra community come Saturday 22 September. Calling on some of that local spirit to help their cause in return for an alapaca-punched day of fun and learning.

There will be no shortage of baby paca’s to snuggle, currently, 40 are roaming the grounds. Learn how to halter train and walk an alpaca, and make a direct difference by hand feeding them while you visit the farm. Tour the property and understand the process of shearing the herd and what the fleece is used for. As well as being educated on the direct impact the drought has had on local farmers.

A day filled with photo op’s with the friendly herd, not to mention the rest of the 100 acres in all its glory. You never know what you’ll find when you visit Booyong. Whether it’s a Veronica the lamb sitting inside by the fire, Silk Rose (a grown alpaca) waltzing through the house chewing on tablecloths and acting rather childish or Trevor the turkey with his gobble of the day.

Sessions will run from 10am on the hour until 3pm with the alpacas available to play with all day long. Morning/ afternoon tea will be provided and the alpaca shop will be open so you can take a souvenir home from your rewarding farm day.

A percentage of all profits from the day will be donated to Mayoral Drought Relief to assist other local farms in the region.

Please contact [email protected] with any questions.

Tickets are $15 for kids, $30 for adults and $70 for a family pass.
If you can’t make it you can still donate!

Available to purchase HERE