An apple a day keeps the doctor away, only in this case a visit to Dr Zac keeps the basic away. The mantra at Canberra’s newest skin clinic is to go the extra mile and feel great about yourself. Extra is the brain child of two people who really like glitter and are not ashamed of it –Amanda Johnson and Dr Zac Turner.

Amanda Johnson is a cosmetic injector who has developed quite the following in Canberra – so much so she opened her own clinic! Her motto is to make the world a more beautiful face. Dr. Zac blends his passion for holistic medicine with his love for cosmetic procedures.

“We all love to have that little bit extra, feel that little bit extra special. How can you not feel special when you know we are dedicated to making you feel good about you!” Amanda says.

It’s hard not to feel boujee upon walking into their private clinic in Kingston’s Green Square. Gold, glitter and pink in all tones and textures are responsible for making the space live up to its extra reputation.

“Extra has had plenty of extra touches to make it beautiful! However, at its heart it is also practical. The doorways and rooms accommodate prams, the layout allows for privacy, the waiting rooms are closed off from prying eyes, there are multiple waiting rooms so you never have to sit next to someone you know. You can quickly touch your makeup up at the beauty bar before going back to work. You can always zip out the back door so you don’t run into anyone you know..”

Extra is a space for health, wellness and cosmetics.

“People are so tied up in cosmetic injectables being vain. But do they realise that injectables are used to help excess sweating, migraines and muscle spasms? Do they factor in the massive impact that injectables have on one’s self esteem and mental health? Ultimately looking good is very much tied in with feeling good,” Amanda explains.

 66 Giles St, Kingston