You don’t need to travel far to indulge in authentic Turkish food, in fact you only need to go as far as Woden to partake in a dining experience fit for a sultan at the Turkish Pide House in Woden.

Owners, Cigdem and Alex Eldebel have a passion for Turkish food and tradition that they are excited to share with others through serving delectable food in a setting that could almost transport you.

The restaurant has an air of sophistication and elegance with a distinct Ottoman flavour reminiscent of a sultans palace. An eye catching wall of glossy red and white tiles adorned with geometric patterns imbues the restaurant with a palatial ambience, while the intricate metal lanterns cast patterned shadows around the space.

Modern architectural finishes, like wooden panels and vast windows keep the space fresh and stylish. There is an outdoor dining deck that lends itself to the enjoyment of relaxed feasts that continue long into the afternoon.

Turkish cuisine is rich in flavour and variety. It is rich and hearty packed with Mediterranean flavours like tomatoes, cumin and oregano, full of succulent meats and fish, tasty vegetables like zucchini and eggplant, satisfying rice and of course pide.

The zucchini flowers are a great way to start the Turkish feast. With a lightly battered exterior, the delicate petals of each zucchini flower encase a powerfully salty and herby filling. Its silky smooth texture provides a wonderful contrast to the crunchy outside.

While the mixture is smooth and gentle in texture this is offset by the flavour – a rich blend of haloumi, feta, oregano, parsley and pine nuts. The saltiness that the cheeses bring to the dish are offset by a creamy yoghurt and the refreshing tartness of pomegranate seeds that are sprinkled around the flowers like colourful jewels.

The duck is a dish worthy for the sultan. Visually stunning, two crispy duck legs are stacked on a disc of potato puree and spinach and finished with a flourish of yogurt dotted artistically around the plate.

Succulent and rich duck meat falls delicately from the bone after being slow-cooked for a minimum of three hours, then crisped up on the outside to give a satisfying crunch to the meat. A viscous jus is deliciously memorable for its unique flavour of sweet red currant and the savoury tones of rosemary vinegar. It is a perfect balance of sweet and savoury that matches the richness of the duck.

Order the slow cooked lamb shank to experience a Turkish dish steeped in tradition. This version of the majestic delicacy has the lamb slow-cooked in a spiced tomato sauce to a succulent and silky state, gliding easily off the bone. It is a hearty and fulfilling dish, served with tender vegetables braised to a perfect sweetness, and a side of delicious tomato pilaf made of cracked wheat, the chewy firmness of which adds authenticity and a unique texture to the dish.

Aside from the numerous fine-dining delicacies, the Turkish pizzas are always a fail-proof option. Soft and fluffy pide breads with a crispy base are filled with an array of exciting fillings. One to try is the Grand Bazaar – each mouthful delivers the flavours of succulent spiced chicken, wilted spinach, juicy sundried tomatoes, sweet capsicum and melted cheese. The generous drizzle of bright green basil sauce over the oblong pizza really brings the flavours to life and a distinct Mediterranean element.

A sultans feast would not be complete without a dessert, and the brulée is the perfect option. Crack through the layer of crust that has been bruléed to golden perfection to reveal a thick custard, decadently sweet with notes of vanilla. It is served with fresh fruit, a scoop of strawberry gelato and pistachio crumbs that add interesting textures and refreshing flavour contrasts to the dish.

With countless options of authentic dishes to share, the Turkish Pide House delivers mouth-watering food in a relaxing and elegant setting.