To all those hard-working hustlers and bustlers in need of a recharge, we’ve rounded up some of the best ways to fill up your cup in Canberra.  

Between work deadlines and social commitments, it’s easy to let your energy reserves run low, so we’ve compiled a list of fantastic activities to recharge your mind, body, and soul. Perfect for those days when Netflix just won’t cut it. Whether you crave a nature escape, a creative outlet, or some quality social time, Canberra has something to fill your cup and get you back to feeling your best. 

Tanabelle Orchard

One of Canberra’s best-kept secrets, Tanabelle Orchard in Pialligo is the city’s only self-pick orchard, inviting you to pop on your garden booties and pick through 100 varieties of apples, Nashi pears, pears and peaches in Pialligo.  Open Friday-Monday 10am-4pm, pack your bags, sunscreen and hat, and stroll through the orchards and fruit pick until your heart’s content.  In between picking you can fuel up at their coffee cart, relax on their picnic lawn, check out their veggie garden and shop home-made produce like fresh apple juice, apple stroop and their signature apple ice cream. 

As of early March, they are currently not offering self-picking due to seasonal difficulties but plan to reopen in a couple of weeks. Make sure to follow their Instagram for updates!  You know what they say, an apple a day… 


One of the best ways to fill your cup is through meaningful connections, which is often easier said than done. Thankfully, the beautiful CBR Gals has established a NFP organisation that aims to connect and advance the lives and businesses of women and non-binary people here in Canberra. Think meaningful connections, inspirational chats and cup-filling events. Here’s a sneak peak at some of their upcoming events:  

  • Docktails at Dusk: CBR Gals Autumn social  
  • March Gals Evolving bookclub  
  • Beading Night: CBR Gals matchmaking (setting you up with your future BFF) 

To stay in the loop, head to their Instagram and sign up for their newsletter! 

Yarralumla Dog Park  

They don’t call dogs a man’s best friend for nothing. Pups, doggos and old dogs have a magic quality of bringing you back down to earth. Whether or not you are a dog owner, the Yarralumla Dog Park is a dog-lovers dream. The park has been separated into two areas, one for smaller dogs and one for the bigger, plus a dog beach just across the road. We recommend buckling up the pooch in the back seat, popping into a near by cafe (Farmers Daughter is great) or the coffee cart, meeting some fluffy cuties and enjoying a bit of dog heaven. 

Running For Resilience  

Running can be a tricky thing to get into, but when you’re apart of a group like Running For Resilience, you’re running for more; to make Canberra suicide free, one run at a time. Walk if you want, run if you can, sprint if you must – pick your distance to suit your preferences – notionally from 3km out to 6km then keep the conversation going over beers or coffee.  They’ve also just introduced Strolling For Resilience, offering family friendly times for those with young kids while providing mental health support for mums and dads. 

Meet at the Dock Kingston Foreshore :
Monday 6:15am 
Wednesday 6:00pm 
Thursday 10:30am – for Strolling For Resilience 
Friday 6:15am 

You can keep up to date with everything #RunningForResilience at their Instagram.

Wild Studio Yoga 

“Yoga takes you into the present moment, the only place where life exists” is the motto of Wild Studio Yoga. Whether you’re a yoga enthusiast or are yet to dip your toes in, yoga is an entirely holistic experience, ensuring benefits on and off the mat. Wild Studio celebrates connection and movement aiming to help you develop a healthy mind/body connection, through your own spiritual process and elevate your physical, mental and emotional wellbeing.

They aren’t your average studio either, offering a range of classes from flow, explore, tame, emerge, meditation, earth, mumma and cubs! Your search for R&R isn’t over until you’ve given yoga a try. Wild offers 2 weeks of unlimited yoga for $50 so what are you waiting for!? 

Class Bento Art Classes Canberra 

Sometimes, the best way to refill your cup is by tapping into your creative side. ClassBento Art Classes in Canberra offer the perfect escape for anyone – beginner, hobbyist, or aspiring artist. These workshops provide a welcoming space for self-expression, learning new skills, and connecting with like-minded Canberrans. 

Imagine exploring the world of fluid acrylic pours or mastering the delicate art of watercolour landscapes. ClassBento offers a diverse range of classes, from trendy “paint and sip” sessions to in-depth photography courses. They even cater to team-building activities and fun outings with friends. 

Check out their upcoming events here.