Send a 4-pack

Capital Brewing’s online store has made it simple to jump online, make an order for yourself and donate a 4-pack of ‘Good Beer’ while you’re at it. The initiative believes ‘a good beer always helps’ with the donation beer passed on to essential workers.

Nominate them for a BMW

Rolfe Classic BMW are asking customers and the community to help recognise Canberra essential workers and volunteers. They are seeking nominations for the unsung heroes in your local community, that are often the quiet achievers, never asking for recognition but making a significant difference in your community.

The winners will be provided with a BMW sedan for two weeks, picking up on a Saturday lunchtime and returning it 14 days later. The prize includes private use of the BMW, including fuel, during the period of the loan.

Gift a Meal

No Biggie ‘Gift Meals’ are a quick and easy way to purchase ready-made-meals to be distributed to someone who needs it through the Canberra Relief Network. This includes essential workers on long shifts that need support. No Biggie was built on the foundation of knowledge that our local community desperately want to support local. Purchasing a Gift Meal supports local venues by creating work for them to feed the people who need it most. Add a gift meal to your basket while you purchase your own meals for the week!