Under a canopy of festival lights, Kingston Foreshore’s newest burger joint beefs up the burger experience.

Welcome to Beef & Barley – a relaxed and inexpensive dining option and the kind of place you could hang out and play board games with friends.

The team behind Beef & Barley is a group of young and passionate friends who worked in the UK together in a number of hospitality establishments. The familiar and casual vibe that this dynamic brings to the place is perfect. Surrounded by funky music and vibrantly-coloured oil drums, diners can also expect insanely delicious food and drink – all chosen with quality and taste matching in mind.

The extensive menu accommodates all meals of the day. With breakfast served until 11.30am, one of the must-haves is Three Little Pigs – a smorgasbord of succulent pulled pork, rich chorizo and crispy bacon topped with perfectly fried eggs, and herb-roasted tomato.

A version of the popular avocado & feta smash makes an appearance. Topped with two fried eggs, the Vitality Kick is a feast for the eyes as much as the stomach, lavishly adorned with vividly pink pomegranate seeds that add a burst of freshness to the dish. The fried eggs are a distinctive aspect, making a pleasant change to the ubiquitous poached egg.

It’s great to see there’s no soggy French Toast here! Instead, the Beef & Barley version serves up thick slices of soft, warm bread topped with a beautifully sweet blueberry maple syrup and walnut pieces that add a satisfying crunch and nutty flavour. The vanilla infused ricotta is silky smooth and creamy and cuts through the sweetness of the dish perfectly.

For lunch and dinner, there are burgers for all on the menu including beef, chicken, seafood, vegetarian varieties, and even a kids’ menu. Flavour combinations are creative and adventurous , featuring avocado, chorizo, goats’ cheese and haloumi.

Burgers are served with a generous pile of beer-battered chips and coleslaw – the chips are deliciously crunchy and spiced with paprika, giving them a deeper flavour, while the coleslaw is fresh and colourful with a drizzle of sweet sauce.

The burger buns are definitely worth a mention. While they have the appearance of the run of the mill brioche rolls, they are in fact buttermilk buns. Super soft and fluffy, they are not overpowering and don’t compete with the bold flavours of the fillings.

For a different yet delicious burger experience, the El Pedro is the way to go. A beef patty is perfectly cooked with a delicious crunchy texture. Honey-glazed goats’ cheese and honeyed mayo give the burger a rich sweetness that is a great foil for flavourful and juicy chorizo sausage

The Total Diva is the star of the chicken burgers. A fillet of chicken is perfectly grilled to achieve a caramelised skin while remaining mouth-wateringly juicy inside. The other elements of the burger differentiate it from the humble chicken burger – crispy bacon adds a crunch while avocado & feta smash deliver a fantastic flavour.

Diners need only check the menu for a beer recommendation to match their burger, showing Beef & Barley’s passion for all types of flavour and achieving a total dining experience. A wide variety of craft beers means you’ll never run out of treats to wash down the mouth-watering burgers.

All about flavour and friendliness, Beef & Barley delivers the perfect setting for delicious food and laughter at any time of the day. Drop in for an office lunch – all meals are served fast and will keep you satisfied for your next meeting.